You Can’t Dictate for Government – Coalition Tells Enugu CNPP Chairman

Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi

Our attention has been drawn to the scurrilous remark made against the Governor of Enugu State, Rt. Hon., Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi by the state chairman of the Conference of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP) over the fate of local government administration in the state.

In a statement released to newsmen in Abuja by the National Coordinator of Enugu Youth Coalition, Dr. Edwin Obune, the group said the state CNPP Chairman, Mr. Adonis Igwe lacked the power to dictate for the state government on how best to deliver democracy dividends to the people at the grassroot as the role of CNPP is only advisory and not directive.
It however noted that it will support the state government in any direction it takes on how best to deliver democracy dividends to the people noting that the current operational module of local government administration in the state needed to be refocused for efficient and effective service delivery to Ndi-Enugu.

The group condemned the CNPP Chairman over what it described as attempt to pressure the government in to maintaining a dysfunctional local government system that disconnects the vast majority of the people from enjoying democracy dividends at the grassroots.

We state unequivocally that, the Chairman of CNPP is not representing Ndi-Enugu but vested interest which has been financing his anti-people activities in the state.The accusations made against the governor by the chairman in his article dressed as press statement is unfounded, ill-willed and a figment of his imagination.
We repeat, Enugu State is not a state for vested interests but for the good people of the state who mostly reside in the rural areas and the state government is everly committed to fashioning out best ways to taking democracy dividends to them.

Therefore, we call on Ndi-Enugu to ignore the CNPP Chairman and remain unyielding in their supports for the state government in whatever direction it takes in the coming days, months and years.The government will never lead them astray, but will replicate it’s success in the security sector in all affairs of the state.

They should never allow the vested interests which the CNPP Chairman is representing to cause them to derail in their supports and prayers for the state.

Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is unshakeably committed to putting smiles on their faces and will always reward them with good governance for the unprecedented electoral trust invested on him in the last governorship election in the state.Truly, Enugu State is in the Hands of God.


Dr. Edwin Obune,
National Coordinator,
Enugu Youth Coalition

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