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Rihanna & Hassan Jameel — What’s Really Going On

                             Rihanna And Hassan Jameel
Rihanna and Hassan Jameel finally proved they are still together. We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on what’s behind their make ups and break ups after they were photographed fighting.

Fans were relieved when pics of Rihanna surfaced on a sexy Mexican vacation with boyfriend of one year Hassan Jameel. The couple is still together despite breakup reports, but RiRi looked like she was reading the Saudi billionaire the riot act in the photos, with her hand animatedly raised in the and she appeared to be yelling at him. “Rihanna and Hassan have an extremely passionate and intense relationship, with a tendency to break-up and make-up fairly frequently. They have a very strong physical connection, and when they fight it can get pretty heated, but then they have crazy good make-up sex and everything is great between them, until they fight again.“Both Rihanna and Hassan suffer from a jealous streak, and as they lead very independent lives it can cause problems between them a lot. When they are together everything is amazing, but as they have such busy schedules they’re forced to be apart a lot, and that’s when the problems start, as they both have trust issues,” our insider continues.

“Rihanna really is crazy about Hassan, but it’s hard to see how they can make their relationship work long term unless she is willing to scale back on her career, which isn’t likely to happen. Conversely, Hassan isn’t about to cut back on his work commitments so he can fit in with Rihanna’s life. So it looks like, for now at least, they’ll have to continue trying to fit each other in as and when they have a break in their schedules,” our source adds.

Ri is one busy lady, with her cosmetics line Fenty Beauty, her lingerie line Savage and there’s that main gig as a singing sensation that she’s had on the back burner for several years. She recently revealed that she FINALLY back in the studio again and hinted that she might have new music for fans before Christmas time. Her last studio release was Jan. of 2016’s Anti and fans have been dying for a new album. At least she collaborated with DJ Khaled on 2017’s “Wild Thoughts,” but that just left us wanting more!

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