2019: Atiku should withdraw case for peace to reign –Onuoha

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Prophet Josiah Chukwuma Onuoha, the presiding Pastor, Christ Foundation Miracle International Chapel, Lagos, has advised those expecting ‘miracles’ from President Muhammadu Buhari’s second term to think twice because the country’s problem is not about Buhari. Rather, it is spiritual. He said unless a certain age-long covenant that was established by three foremost Nigeria’s leaders at independence which was later violated is renounced; no president would be able to take Nigeria to Eldorado. He also advised ex-vice president, Atiku Abubakar, to drop his suit challenging Buhari’s victory for the sake of peace, adding that Atiku would not succeed.

What is the problem with Nigeria? The opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and a lot of Nigerians are saying it is President Muhammadu Buhari. What is your take?

The overwhelming problem of Nigeria is not about Buhari. It is not physical or human but spiritual. Nigeria is suffering from the effects of violation of a covenant that was established at our independence by three Nigeria’s pioneer leaders; one from each of the major ethnic tribes which is Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba. They established the pact over a bottle of wine and agreed to remain as one nation. But along the line, one of them violated the agreement and they did nothing probably because they did not realise the grave spiritual implication that such abuse portend. The covenant was done in a peaceful, brotherly and unanimous manner with the decision binding on all the people that they represented. That is the cause of Nigeria’s problems. This is what the Lord told me. The Lord also told me that some of our current elders are aware of the covenant.

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How is it affecting the country?

Are you not in Nigeria? Do you not see how Nigerians have continued to lament over corruption, underperformance and the activities of cabals. Government after government, life has continued to get worse for Nigerians. The Lord revealed that unless the leaders of the three major ethnic groups agree to gather together to break that covenant, no matter how beautiful the ideas and plans Nigerian presidents have, within months after they enter the seat of power at the Presidential Villa, they would become overwhelmed by what they cannot decipher and they would never achieve their goals.

Are you saying that Nigerians should not expect much from Buhari’s second term?

I told you that the problem of Nigeria is more spiritual than physical. A building cannot be firm if the foundation is bad. That is why the scripture says in Psalm 11:3 that ‘when the foundation falls apart, there is nothing a good man can do.’ Let me tell you, no Nigerian president has ever assumed office with the intention to destroy the country, under-perform or be accused of not being in charge of government. They usually assume office with determination, sparkling with beautiful ideas and work plans most times.

What is your take on the high rate of evil activities in the country?

Yes, evil, suicide, frustration. The Lord said that evils in the land are attracting extra evil, day-by-day; that so many leaders indulge in all sorts of evil in a bid to ward off perceived evil so they can protect their political positions or secure fresh positions, as the case may be. He said that in the process, they keep attracting extra evil to the nation, with extra evil effects. He said that a lot of innocent blood is shed across the country almost on daily basis, and that sometimes, more blood is wasted in order to cover tracks. He warned that the innocent blood is reacting and calling for God’s vengeance.

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What is the way forward?

It is prayer! The first move is to break the age-long covenant. Another way out is by allowing a citizen from any of the minority-ethnic groups to lead the country. The Lord said that the only way that this nation can experience peace and progress is for our leaders to declare a special national prayer day; where representative priests and leaders from Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba, the three major ethnic groups that established the covenant must break it by mutual agreement and proclamation. The Lord said that is the only way to set Nigeria free. Otherwise, the country would continue to foot-drag back and forth under successive leadership.

Since Nigeria is not a mono religious country, how will the prayer be conducted?

The Lord did not say that Christians or Muslims should pray but Nigerians! There are religious, political and traditional leaders in this country. Prayer is all about declaration of words. The message went thus: ‘Let Nigerians pray fervently! Let Nigerians pray! Let your people turn to me and pray for mercy. A lot of innocent blood has been shed carelessly and they are crying for vengeance, which will cause more havoc in the country when I answer. They must purge the innocent blood that has been wasted and their souls appeased. Let Nigerians pray against looming famine in the manner that befell Egypt, let Nigerians pray for peace in this nation; let Christians, Muslims and all citizens pray fervently and sincerely to God for mercy. That is the only way out, the only way to tackle evil. If they do not pray urgently, then evil will overwhelm the nation and nobody would be spared. I am angry with our rulers; I am angry with our country due to the high level of iniquity in the land. Nigeria, beware of imminent repercussions if you don’t pray.

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What are your expectations of President Buhari’s second term?

My take is that Nigerian leaders will continue to lack the requisite grace to offer the much-desired optimum, people-oriented governance until the age-long covenant I told you about is broken. When the foundation of a house is faulty, the entire structure is threatened. The foundation of Nigeria is faulty and the nation is threatened.

What is your advice to APC and PDP over the outcome of the 2019 presidential elections?

My advice is that former President Atiku Abubakar should withdraw his case and allow President Buhari to serve out his second and final term for peace to reign. Atiku will not achieve his goal at the end of the day despite spending huge sums of money which would be wasted. There would be tension and Nigerians would be the losers. Let the former vice president read between the lines and save the nation. There is no light at the end of the tunnel for him.

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