2023: Senator Ike Ekweremadu Should Stop This Politics Of, “It Must Be Me Or We Scatter”

2023: Senator Ike  Ekweremadu Should Stop This Politics Of, "It Must Be Me Or We Scatter"

Since the creation of Enugu state and coming of democracy in 1999, Senator Ike Ekweremadu has been the utmost beneficiary of political power in the state. Ike has been in power since 1999 till date.

He served in many capacities both at the state and at centre in the last 20 years. His recent rumoured ambition to contest the 2023 Enugu state governorship election will undo him except he takes the wise counsel now.

Despite the fact that Enugu state has established zoning and entrenched it, Senator Ekweremadu who is from Enugu west senatorial zone where Barr Sullivan Chime just finished his 8 year tenure and handed over to gov Ugwuanyi from Enugu north wants the zoning discarded to enable him run.

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What’s funny is that in 2007, Ike Ekweremadu being a stakeholder in Enugu state politics supported the zoning arrangement and power shift from one senatorial zone to another. It is unfortunate that having announced that he would not contest for senatorial election in 2023, instead of retiring honourably, the former deputy Senate president is out to destabilize the peaceful transition of power from one senatorial zone to another.

Having being in the senate for about 16 years and held the position of deputy senate president for 8 years, his failure to retain the deputy senate president seat in 2019 forced him to announce his decision to step aside in 2023.

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Why can’t he also rest and wait for the zoning of the governorship slot to come to Enugu west in 2031? If he thinks he may be too old in 2031, he should then retire as an elder statesman respectfully than his recent moves to collapse the entire political system in his party.

Recently, his loyalties are beginning to attack gov Ugwuanyi’s administration. Most of them have taken to social media to openly condemn everything the governor is doing. This may not be unconnected with the body language of the governor to respect the zoning understanding in the state.

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Ike Ekweremadu thinks he own Enugu state politics and has the support of WADATA Plaza. He plays politics of, “it must be me or we scatter”, but 2023 will be bigger than his antics. It is the turn of Enugu east senatorial zone and Ike can not stop it.

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