2023: Why Buhari And His Cabal May Back Gov.Bello To Become The Next President

Buhari Governor Bello and Tinubu

Governor Bello is a core loyalist of Buhari. Buhari knows this fact very well. That was one of the major reasons Buhari backed Bello to emerge Governor of Kogi after the sudden death of Abubakar Audu during the 2015 governorship rerun election in Kogi state. Despite the fact that Bello had left the APC earlier, he was allowed to come back and he still was made the APC candidate for the rerun election which the party had already won reasonably. So, Buhari will like his strong loyalist to succeed him in 2023.

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Bello is a younger person. Born on June 18, 1975, Governor Bello is 45 years old. He is the youngest Governor in Nigeria. Many Nigerian are clamouring for younger President. Bello is a candidate that is young and may meet the wish of many people demanding for a younger President.

Governor Bello is from North Central region. North Central geo-political zone is another zone after South East that has not been lucky in producing President of Nigeria since the return to democracy in 1999. Now, that is another big political factor that may convince Buhari and his cabal to back Bello to emerge President in 2023.

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Governor Bello has the financial war chest to fund his campaign. He already has the needed political experience as a two-time Governor. Bello also has the political structure and other logistics needed to prosecute his election. Another advantage for him is that Bello is a strong APC member. If he gets the backing of Buhari, his cabal, APC and his colleague Governors, then his ambition of becoming the President will be good to go.

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