Mohbad: He died a month before wedding he promised me and his mother – Father (Video)

Mohbad: He died a month before wedding he promised to me and his mother - Father

In a recent interview, Mr. Joseph Aloba, the father of the late singer Mohbad, revealed that he had made the decision to remarry his wife, following a request from his son before his passing.

Sharing the heartbreaking story, Mr. Aloba recounted the day he lost his son and how he found out about his health condition through his ex-wife.

Mr. Aloba explained that he received a call from his ex-wife, with whom he had maintained a good relationship based on their late son’s request.

Mohbad had expressed his desire for his parents to reconcile and have a proper wedding as husband and wife once again, a request to which Mr. Joseph had agreed.

Sadly, Mohbad’s death occurred just one month before the wedding that he had hoped for, for his parents.

Mohbad’s mother called me that your son is sick and at the hospital. We were in good terms, it was a month to the wedding he wanted to do for me and his mother. He is a child I love and it was what he wanted me to do. He said the stress of meeting us at different locations was stressful,” he said in part.

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