Popular Weight Loss Influencer Dies At 35, Leaving 4 Children And Newlywed Husband (Photo)

Mila De Jesus, a popular weightloss influencer is dead.

The 35-year-old Brazilian-born influencer renowned for her transformative weight loss journey, passed away recently after a suspected cardiac arrest. 

The news was confirmed by her newlywed husband, George Kowszik. 

Mila De Jesus rose to fame on social media after undergoing gastric bypass surgery on October 5, 2017. Just a few months ago, she celebrated the six-year anniversary of the life-changing procedure, sharing before-and-after pictures that captured her remarkable journey. 

Beyond her weight loss journey, Mila De Jesus was recognized for her makeup tutorials on YouTube, where she amassed a substantial following of over 100,000. 

Four months before her tragic death, Mila tied the knot with George Kowszik. 

The influencer, who hailed from Brazil but called Boston her home, leaves behind four children from a previous marriage. 

Many have gone on social media to post tributes and condolences.

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