Our People Need Concrete Plans, Not Empty Slogans – Kwara PDP Slams Gov. Rahman


The governor’s delayed response to the fuel subsidy crisis is a clear sign of misplaced priorities. Kwarans were struggling for months before a committee was even formed in August 2023. Did a few bags of rice truly make up for the hardship faced over such a long period?

Praising a committee is all well and good, but the people demand transparency. Where’s the full report outlining the distribution process? How do we know this wasn’t simply a way to reward political allies, especially considering the committee head’s government connections?

“Fairness” and vague claims of “commendation” mean nothing without concrete evidence. We need independent assessments to prove who actually benefited or if entire communities were left behind. Palliatives are a band-aid, not a solution to the economic problems the governor’s policies have helped create.

Kwarans need more than handouts. Where are the state-driven plans to reduce the cost of living, boost employment, and create long-term economic stability?

Finally, promises to “work round the clock” are worthless, bordering on insulting. Our people need concrete plans, not empty slogans. Blaming mysterious “fifth columnists” is pathetic scapegoating; we all know the real culprits of the economic hardship we are facing.

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