Air Peace Crashes London Flight Ticket From N17 Million To N4 Million

Air Peace

Air Peace has shaken things up in the aviation industry with the launch of their highly anticipated London route! Not only are they offering a new connection to this global city, but they’ve slashed ticket prices, making travel significantly more accessible.

Economy Class Dreams Take Off:

Forget the days of astronomical airfare! Air Peace is offering economy class tickets to London for a jaw-dropping N1.2 million naira (round trip). This is a monumental reduction from the previous average of N6 million naira. This massive price drop makes London a realistic possibility for many Nigerians who previously couldn’t afford the trip.

Business Class Luxury Without the Hefty Price Tag:

For those seeking a touch of indulgence, Air Peace hasn’t forgotten you. Business class tickets have also seen a significant price cut, going from a staggering N17 million naira to a much more manageable N4 million naira (round trip). This reduction allows you to experience the comfort and exclusivity of business class without breaking the bank.

A Win for Nigerian Travelers:

Air Peace’s competitive pricing isn’t just good news for travelers, it’s a boon for the Nigerian economy. This move is expected to stimulate travel and tourism, fostering stronger connections between Nigeria and the UK.

Ready to Book Your Dream Trip?

With these incredible fares, there’s no better time to plan your London adventure. Whether you’re yearning for iconic landmarks, a vibrant cultural scene, or simply a change of scenery, Air Peace has made your dream a reality. Visit their website or contact a travel agent to book your tickets and experience London like never before!

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