S-East Must Embrace National Politics For Development – Utazi

The Immediate Past Senator representing Enugu North Senatorial zone at the 9th Senate, Senator Chukwuka Utazi, has called on the South East region to rally around and align with the Government at the center for better economic growth.

Senator Utazi made this clarion call during the Freedom Square Radio show, a live program on Solid FM 100.9FM, Enugu, anchored by Dr. Uchenna Cyril Anioke on Saturday.

He stated having played national politics for 8 years as a parliamentarian, joining forces with the party at the center for the growth of the South East region becomes necessary as the region is far behind other zones in political development.

According to him,

“I am in politics not for answering names or titles but see it as a contract; we prioritize the interest of the masses.”

“I played national politics for 8 years and after moving around and seeing things done, I discovered that we the Igbo are not doing it right.”

“We have numerous political parties in the South East which have limited our growth and will continue to wallow until we align.”

“It is time for the South East to align with National politics and start getting what actually belongs to us.”

“South East has been voting for PDP, to no avail, voted for Labour to no avail, it is time to support APC.”

“I am a wise man, I come from the East, and I have decided to move on.”

“As a wise man, it is not good to exclude ourselves from national politics.” Senator Utazi affirmed, stressing his commitment to serving the people’s needs above all else.

“My journey to APC was because PDP’s bus moved, and I had to join APC.”

“There is an urgent need for the South East to realign with national politics for collective progress.”

Senator Utazi emphasized the need for a paradigm shift in South East’s political landscape as that will guarantee economic growth as the state Government alone cannot solve our problems.

“We have numerous political parties in the South East, which have limited our growth.”

“We must have alignment with working platforms such as the APC.”

“This is because, in Nigeria, we don’t have political parties but only platforms where we use to drive our political interests.”

“We don’t play ideological politics, which is why as Igbos we must always follow and join the party at the center to protect our interest because, if not, one unfavorable policy by the Federal Government will destroy all we have achieved for years in one minute.”

Addressing the issue of infrastructure development, Senator Utazi commended the progress witnessed in APC-led states, citing the example of improved road networks facilitated by the Minister of Works and Infrastructure, Engr Dave Nweze Umahi; thus, stressing more on the importance of joining the National Party to leverage federal resources for the benefit of the region.

Expressing his vision for the South East, Senator Utazi outlined plans for Igbo representation at the National level, emphasizing the need to support the APC for strategic positioning.

“Our plan is for an Igbo man to become president when power comes down to the south again,” he declared, underscoring the importance of backing the ruling party to achieve this goal.

The former lawmaker also talked on some of the challenges facing South Eastern Governors’ Forum, attributing its inefficiency to lack of unity and trust among leaders; also, calling for concerted efforts to bridge divides and foster collaboration for effective governance.

“South East Governors Forum seems not to be working because the South East is not one. There is no trust.”

“When a decision is taken because they don’t attend the same meeting at the center, they will be afraid to embark on implementation and there is nobody that will mandate them to do as required. It breeds diverse opinions and fear.”

“If we have 5 South East Governors from APC, there is no way we will not achieve a mark. It is better for the Igbo to become a servant in heaven than King in hell. It is time to move to the center.”

Reflecting on his political journey, Senator Utazi expressed gratitude for the support received from his constituents and outlined his future plans to support emerging leaders.

“In the next 10 years, I will be in the background supporting others who have the capacity,” he stated, acknowledging the role of divine providence and the support of Sullivan Chime in his political elevation.”

Senator Utazi reiterated the importance of supporting our political leaders to enhance the growth of our dear states.

“We must learn the habit of supporting our political leaders such as the Governor.”

“I urge the South Easterners to rally around their Governors till the next election year.”

“Governor Peter Ndubuisi Mbah is my Governor and as my Governor for the next 3 years, I will give him support.”

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