Upholding Democratic Tenets And Justice In The 2025 Election Of Ohanaeze President General From Rivers State

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In a watershed moment for Ndigbo across the globe, the specter of subversion and treachery threatens to undermine the democratic ethos enshrined in the forthcoming 2025 election of the Ohanaeze President General from Rivers State. This pivotal juncture, delineated by the historical imperative of ensuring the rightful ascension to leadership by the 2004 Ohanaeze Ndigbo Constitution, stands as a litmus test for the integrity of Igbo leadership and the sanctity of our democratic institutions.

Despite the clarion call for a President General hailing from Rivers State—a symbolic gesture of unity and inclusivity—the machinations of a devious cabal seek to circumvent this constitutional mandate through deceitful acts and alteration of established norms. The concerted efforts to elongate the presidency tenure in Imo State or bestow unwarranted favor upon Abia State by subverting the rights of Rivers State epitomize a grave betrayal of trust and a violation of the sacred bond between Ohanaeze Ndigbo and its constituents.

The Apex Igbo Socio-cultural institution, OHANAEZE NDIGBO, issues an urgent plea to Southeast Governors, Igbo political leaders, global Igbo luminaries, affiliate groups, Southeast traditional rulers, College of Igbo Bishops and Archbishops, and Ndigbo in the diaspora to stand vigilant in the face of this malevolent design. The nefarious actors within Ohanaeze propagating this insidious agenda must be exposed and thwarted to safeguard the very fabric of Igbo unity and progress.

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OHANAEZE NDIGBO’S Secretary General, Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro, implores all stakeholders to grasp the gravity of this situation, emphasizing the indelible imprint of Rivers State’s rich Igbo heritage on the tapestry of the nation. The preservation of truth and justice hinges on the recognition of Rivers State’s pivotal role in the Ohanaeze hierarchy, not only as a testament to historical rectitude but as a catalyst for the resurgence of Igbo cultural heritage and identity post-Civil War.

The resurgence of an Igbo President General from Rivers State in 2025 embodies a rekindling of the spirit of brotherhood among all Igbo brethren, bridging historical divides and fostering a renewed sense of kinship and solidarity. Just as the tenure of late Ambassador Ralph Uwechue fostered unity between Igbo communities in Delta and the Southeast, the forthcoming leadership from Rivers State portends a transformative era of cohesion and cultural resurgence.

As the clarion call for justice reverberates across the Igbo landscape, we implore the Southeast Governors and all men and women of goodwill to resist the malevolent forces seeking to undermine the sanctity of the 2025 Ohanaeze election. The denial of Rivers State’s rightful representation will not only perpetuate injustice but sow seeds of discord that may imperil the collective aspirations of Ndigbo for a Nigerian President of Igbo extraction.

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Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro
Secretary General
Ohanaeze Ndigbo

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