Enugu State Government Launches Comprehensive CPR Training Program for Civil Servants

Enugu State Government has embarked on a special Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Training across all state government agencies and parastatals to equip Enugu state workers with the necessary emergency situation-saving skills.

Recall that a few weeks back, one of our sons in Nollywood, Jnr Pope, died as a result of being drowned after a ship mishap. Netizens blamed the inability of the rescuers to properly apply CPR on him and other victims.

Led by an Occupational Specialist, who also doubles as a special adviser to the Governor of Enugu State, Hon Dr. Abayomi Jaye, and assisted by Dr. Uzoma Ibe, the Enugu State Government House Medical team trained the staff of Enugu State Fire and Rescue Service at its head office, located in Ogui near Otigba Junction, New Haven, Enugu.

The training, which took place on Monday 29 May 2024, had many medical professionals who thoroughly educated the Enugu State Fire Service officials on how to conduct this medical exercise on fire victims, boat mishap victims, and road accident victims, among others, in emergencies.

Speaking with newsmen, Hon Dr. Abayomi Jaye explained what CPR means as well as why the state government is serious about empowering its workers, especially those in health and safety, with the skill.

He stated that such a skill can save thousands of lives when properly applied to emergency victims before giving them the needed medical attention.

Dr. Abayomi commended the leadership of Enugu State Fire and Rescue Service for their cooperation during the exercise, saying their response gave them courage that the training would yield inestimable positive results.

According to him, “We are here to educate Enugu State Fire Servicemen on the importance of CPR application on fire incident victims as well as other accident victims.”

“CPR, which means Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, is a lifesaving technique performed in cases of cardiac arrest or respiratory failure.”

“It involves a combination of chest compressions and rescue breaths to manually circulate blood and oxygen throughout the body until further medical assistance arrives.”

“The goal of CPR is to maintain vital organ function and increase the chance of survival until the heart can be restarted or normal breathing resumes.”

“This is why Governor Peter Ndubuisi Mbah wants to make sure that Enugu State Civil Servants are equipped with this knowledge.”

“We are very happy with how Enugu State Fire Service men comported themselves, especially their responses to our questions after the training.”

“This is a sign that what the state will benefit from this will be more than expected.”

“So, I want to appreciate the leadership of Enugu State Fire and Rescue Service for their commitment to saving the lives of Enugu citizens, especially their circumspection in averting fire incident disasters.”

In his remarks, The Director, of Enugu State Fire and Rescue Service, Engr. Okwudiri Ohaa commended Governor Peter Ndubuisi Mbah for this wonderful exercise.

He stated that the training by a team of medical experts sent by the Governor has provided valuable life-saving skills and prepared their officers to respond confidently and effectively in emergencies involving cardiac arrest or respiratory failure, especially in fire incident emergencies.

Engr. Ohaa also commended the team led by Dr. Abayomi for their professionalism during the exercise, saying they are great health communication experts.

“I want to applaud Governor Peter Ndubuisi Mbah for being the first Governor in Nigeria to embark on this very crucial exercise.”

“It is a skill that Nigerians have been yearning to know, and for our Governor to start this, shows his commitment to the safety of the citizens.”

“CPR training is essential because it ensures individuals can respond effectively in emergencies, performing CPR correctly and maximizing the chances of saving lives while minimizing risks to both the rescuer and the victim. By adhering to established guidelines and best practices, trained individuals can provide quality care with confidence, reducing hesitation and increasing the likelihood of positive outcomes.”

“Moreover, proper training offers legal protections and keeps individuals informed about the latest research and protocols, fostering a resilient community equipped to handle emergencies and contribute to public health and safety.”

“This is one of the things we learned today and why Enugu State Fire and Rescue Service is grateful to our Governor.”

“I want to thank Dr. Abayomi and his team of professionals for this enigmatic training.”

“They are the best for the job, and I also call on the good people of Enugu State to place importance on this training and learn the techniques, as nobody knows who it will be crucial in saving his or her life or that of loved ones.”

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