Dj Chicken Embroiled In Paternity Controversy As Baby Mama Calls Him Out Online

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Popular DJ Chicken has found himself at the center of a paternity controversy after his baby mama took to social media to accuse him of neglecting his responsibilities as a father.

In a series of posts, the baby mama alleged that DJ Chicken has refused to take care of their newly born baby, leaving her to shoulder the responsibilities alone. She expressed her frustration and disappointment, stating that she is willing to undergo a DNA test to prove the paternity of the child.

The baby mama’s outburst has sparked a heated debate online, with many calling out DJ Chicken for his alleged irresponsibility. Some have praised the baby mama for her courage in speaking out, while others have urged DJ Chicken to take responsibility for his actions.

As the drama unfolds, fans and followers are eagerly waiting to see how DJ Chicken will respond to the allegations. Will he acknowledge his responsibilities as a father, or will he continue to deny the allegations? Only time will tell.

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