Bad leadership escalates tussels as chaos mars Nnobi town union meeting

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…Four Persons Petition Over Peace Committee Reports Forgery in Nnobi

Written by Okafor Izuchukwu

If you keep up to date with the most recent happenings in Nnobi community Platforms, mostly the CEC meeting of Nnobi Welfare Organization, you’ll understand how disheartening it can be to read the news – seeing one bad situation after another. Personally, it takes a massive toll out of me when I take some time to read the news and stay up to date. I know it’s important to do so but staying in my protective bubble is often more appealing. I get sad at the loss and devastation in our community, and angry at those who are meant to be leading us into a better future. Unfortunately, bad leadership of the present town union of Nnobi has escalated tussels, caused chaos in last CEC meeting of NWO, planting seeds of discord within us and tearing stakeholders apart.


From what I’ve observed, Nnobi community, then and now, haven’t had a terrible, nasty leader as Dom Okpala. A leader who choose his own pleasure and gratification over his followers and community. A P.G who don’t know how to love his community members. We all know that a leader is a manager and should have the emotional intelligence to be caring for others. Have been wondering why the P.G choose the corrupt guidance of the people over what he know is right for the people. Why is Nnobi people keep quiet? When we’re stuck in a nasty cycle of a bad P.G raising up and creating more issues for the community and her members.

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…arbitral award saga! Awuda people humiliated and deprived of their opinion as a quarter in Nnobi.

The P.G of Nnobi community have continued to display dictatorial leadership style and deprived the popular opinions of the people. About two persons called for the explanation of the meaning of arbitral award and the P.G in his usual way and style of leadership imposed oral/voice voting for the meeting aimed to demerit and quash out the letter from Awuda.

Let’s I forget, how many persons understood the meaning of arbitral award? The P.G who has positioned his choiced supporters to vote against the letter written by Awuda people so that his decision and binding will be final. Is this the Democray we are practicing?

This development, among other development and matters arising made Awuda people to leave the meeting and at the same time is gradually creating tension in the community as four persons have been petition over Peace Committee Reports forgery in Nnobi.

Why Mr Ifeanyi Okoye petitioned the four persons namely Hon Ifeanyi Ezeadum, Hon Oluchukwu Ilogbenu, Chief Sir Onyechi Ifezue (Okpala Nnobi), who is the convener of the peace Committee and
Col (Chief) Ikechukwu Etuka.

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I saw the original report and the other report doctored by the persons petitioned and I would say that Mr Ifeanyi Okoye has done a marvelous job by petitioning them.


Barr Dom Okpala had quickly went to Awka to submit the doctored report to the office of the Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs and was expecting the ministry to have responded before the meeting of the 1st June, 2024 but unfortunately, the reserve is the case.

Dom Okpala led leadership have continued working with the enemies of the community and working with few disgruntled elements who felt that they will be the king maker, champion and person of the hour.

The P.G who have zero respect for the Traditional ruler, Igwe Nnobi, HRM Engr Nick Obi and the P.G have continued collaborating with political actors to oppose the Igwe and members of Igwe -in- council.

My advice as a stakeholder in Nnobi is the involve the relevant Ministries; the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Matters, Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Peace, Border and Conflict Resolution, the Nigeria Police,

I don’t have interest in any position. Neither to become the P.G nor to run for Town Union President election. All I need is for peace to be in my community.

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Okafor Izuchukwu is from Awuda Nnobi

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