Dr. Ngozi Okoronkwo: Reorganization, Not Sack, Otti Sets Record Straight

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Abia State Governor, Dr. Alex Otti has said contrary to popular view, his administration did not sack, Dr. Ngozi Okoronkwo now suspended Commissioner for Health, and the former chief press secretary Kazie Uko, saying it only carried out a reorganisation.

Speaking on Friday during his monthly media chat, tagged “Governor Alex Otti Speaks to Abians”, the state Chief Executive emphasized that appointments are not permanent and reassignments are necessary to bring in new blood.

He said the departure of his former chief press secretary, was only a reassignment, not a sack.

He also clarified the status of the suspended Commissioner for Health, explaining that the position has not been officially declared vacant pending the outcome of an investigation.

The governor said, “You talked about my former chief press secretary and your question was, why did I sack him? And my response is that I did not sack him. What we did was reorganization. And anytime you are given an appointment, it is not a permanent appointment.

“Even my own appointment is not permanent. In the next 3 years, the mandate you gave me will be over, 1 year is gone. And I need to apply again. Right?

“No appointment is permanent. So reorganisations happen. New blood is brought in. People get reassigned. I was reading reports, Abia Governor sacks, his chief press secretary. I say I didn’t sack anyone. Okay?

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