TV is the Third Parent in Every Home, Says Pastor Emmanuel Iren

Pastor Emmanuel Iren

The lead Pastor of Celebration Church International, Emmanuel Iren, has urged parents to be a part of the culture-shaping process of their children.

He stated this while revealing why he ventured into filmmaking on TVC Breakfast on Saturday, July 6.

He disclosed that there are three ‘parents’ in every home: the father, the mother, and the television.

He urged primary caregivers to actively participate in producing values rather than merely consuming them.

He said: “There is a cultural expectation from pastors. It’s an ironic and contradictory expectation. You even hear some banter out there when people tell men of God, ‘Go and get a real job.’ And when we actually do, they are now asking, ‘Why?’

“Besides that, I just really believe in deploying all my gifts and being the best I can. If God gave me gifts, there must be a reason for it. The short answer is that I’m doing it because I can.

“So many things informed the movie. I just want creative ways to tell true stories. It is obvious that this is a faith-based movie at best, but this is a proper real-life movie.

“There are other ulterior motives, and this is one: my children have a bit of an accent, and it’s not from us. So the reality is that in every home, there are three parents: the father, the mother, and the television.

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“So instead of crying and whining about it, be a part of the culture-shaping process. Be a part of the production, not just the consumption.”

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