3 Common Causes Of Watery Discharge In Men & Ways To Treat It

Watery Discharge In Men

During intimacy, sperm is expelled through the male urethra. The prostate gland and other male reproductive systems send sperm and fluids through it. Semen is often a thick, white liquid. Several factors, however, can affect the colour and consistency of sperm.

Watery sperm can indicate a low sperm count, which could indicate reproductive issues. It’s also possible that discharge of thin, transparent sperm is a transient condition that has no major health risks.


Watery sperm can be caused by a number of factors. The majority of them are curable or avoidable.

1. Low semen count.

Low sperm count is one of the most common reasons of watery sperm. Oligospermia is another name for this condition. A low sperm count indicates that your sperm count is lower than normal. Sperm counts of less than 15 million per millilitre of sperm are deemed abnormal.

2. Frequent discharge.

Watery sperm may be produced as a result of frequent discharge. If you discharge numerous times a day, the quality of your sperm will certainly deteriorate after the first discharge. It may take your body many hours to create a typical, healthy amount of sperm.

3. Zinc deficiency.

A zinc shortage is another probable reason of watery sperm. Men who have adequate zinc levels or who are zinc deficient and take zinc sulphate supplements can better combat the effects of anti-sperm antibodies, according to research. The immune system produces these antibodies when it misidentifies sperm as a foreign substance.


The presence of watery sperm due to a low sperm count does not always necessitate treatment. A low sperm count does not rule out the possibility of conception. It could require several attempts, or you could have a temporary low sperm count due to anything like an infection.

Antibiotic therapy may be used to treat infection. If a hormone imbalance is found to be the reason of your low sperm count, hormone therapies may be recommended. If a varicocele is identified, it may typically be safely treated with surgery.

Lifestyle changes.

A change in lifestyle may be able to help you increase your sperm count and enhance the quality of your sperm in some situations. The following are examples of positive changes:

1. Quit smoking cigarettes.

2. Lose weight if you’re overweight.

3. Reduce your alcohol consumption.

4. Exercise regularly.

Your doctor may also recommend that you refrain from having intimate relations for a period of time in order to discharge less regularly. This will allow you to see if the consistency of your sperm changes.


Changes in the consistency of your sperm are often transitory and curable. If low sperm count is the reason of watery sperm and you’re attempting to conceive, there are a variety of therapies available. Consult a fertility specialist to determine your best alternatives.

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