3 Facts That Show The Police Are Lying Against Kanu’s Lawyer & IPOB

police vs ipob

On the second of December, at about 11:30 AM, the town of Oraifite, in Anambra state was thrown into chaos. Several houses have been burnt and several people killed, allegedly including two police officers. There have been accusations and counter-accusation about what happened, mainly between IPOB and and the Nigerian Police force. However, one thing is certain. The Nigerian Police are definitely lying about what happened, and lies are told to hide the truth. Three facts show that the Nigerian Police are lying and they are all contained in the statement released by the Police the day after the incident. Police spokesman, SP Haruna Mohammed released this statement:

On the 2/12/2019 at about 11:30 am,there was a formal complaint against One Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor ‘m’ (a member of the proscribed IPOB) in Oraifite on alleged case of abduction, assault occasioning harm and malicious damage to property.

“Following the report, Police Patrol teams led by the Area Commander, Oraifite ACP Oliver Abbey mobilised and rushed to the scene in order to arrest the suspect who declined Police invitation.

“However, as soon as Police arrived the house, armed men suspected to be IPOB members descended on the Police, set ablaze one Patrol vehicle and attacked them with rifles and machetes.As a result of the attack, two Police officers whose identities are being withheld were killed by the suspected IPOB members while others were inflicted with machete cuts. The injured personnels were rushed to the Hospital for medical attention and are presently receiving treatment.

“Consequently, the Command deployed reinforcements from the State Headquarters comprising of PMF, SARS and Special Anti Cult Units in conjunction with the Army/other Sister agencies who cordoned off the area in order to fish out the culprits,while Joint patrol are still ongoing in the town to prevent further breakdown of law and order

It only takes any reasonable person 5 minutes of analysing the above statement to see 3 things that are very wrong with it.

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1. The Police said that at about 11:30 on the second of December, they got a complaint and mobilised to go and arrest the suspect, Mr Ejiofor, after he declined Police invitation. It has since been established that the mayhem began before 12. It is customary that after a Police invitation is issued, the invitee is givien time to respond. That time can take hours, even a day or more. What the Police want you to believe is that within 30 minutes of receiving a complaint, they extended an invitation to Ejiofor, reached the conclusion that he had declined the invitation, mobilised and went to arrest him. This is impossible within 30 minutes

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2. The Police said that as soon as they arrived, armed men suspected to be IPOB attacked them, burnt a patrol vehicle and killed two Policemen. The only way this would be possible would be if those who attacked the Police knew that the Police were on their way and lay in wait. Now how could IPOB, or anybody for that matter, know the police were coming? Why would anyone go to the house of a Lawyer, arm themselves and wait to attack Police when they dont even know if the Police would come or how many would arrive? Why would IPOB even attack the Police when the person the Police came for wasn’t even at home at the time? This is not possible

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3. The Police claim that they were attacked as soon as as they arrived, a Police patrol car burnt and two Policemen killed. Pictures have since flooded the internet of the burnt patrol van in the middle of the road with two dead bodies in it which Police claim are the two officers. What most people may not know is that it has since been shown that this road is the Nkwo Oraifite-Nkwo Nnewi Road, also known as the Nkwo-Nkwo Road. This road is far away from Ejiofor’s home. How is possible that a Police car was burnt around Ejiofors House, two police men killed, but the burnt vehicle and the alleged murdered Police men ended up in the middle of a Road, miles away, with smoke still coming from the charred remains of the vehicle? Did IPOB drive a burning vehicle, with two dead bodies in the back, miles away and dump it there? Not possible

When you take your time to look at these 3 points, you see that the Police statement was a pack of lies

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