5 Reasons Some Ladies Remain Single For Long

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I read a write-up on why good girls remain single by Nelson Asuen as share here by sauta and i concluded on writing this. He made justice to the writeup but left it a bit confusing at the end especially with the example given.

Not just bad girls are those getting married each weekends. What about the bad turned good and then the good ones? No one will stop you from getting married if you can learn how to get your better half as it is not like the time of our fathers and mothers where nothing attractive appeals to most of them.

Now, no matter how ugly you think you are which i know no woman is ugly, you will find your own man so far you can be confident with whatever make-up and clothing you put on, you need to look good and smart, you need to mingle and not secluded in the name of being righteous

Not all good girls remain single and not all bad girls get married…
Here are some reasons some “good ladies” remain single:

1. They believe their own man must come from their religion

Very good, you pray to whatever God you serve for husband, but you have forgotten God can send anyone to you as your better half. You have also forgotten the fact that someone believing in same religion with you doesn’t make them good for you or even a better man for you.

Think outside the box, there are different men outside your religion that will make life worth living for you better than those in same religion as you, your religious leader can not save you when you enter the wrong home.

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Same as those waiting for someone in same religious home as them to take them as wife, i am not saying it is not possible, of course we have seen cases of such happening, but yours might not be same as that, think outside the box.

2. Hiding who they are

This is just common in our religious homes among those ladies who are ripe enough to marry but are still much single, they hide who they are from men.

This is one of those reasons you see men shying away from ladies in same place of worship with them. In fact, this days, religious leaders get angry when guys from their place of worship bring woman from other places as wife, it will keep on happening as ladies of this days pretends a lot, meanwhile most men want to know the worst side of them before moving closer as men of this days loves to see new good attributes outside religion in you when it comes to choosing life partner so as to know what they want to face and how to face it. They know you can pray, you can sing like angels, but they want to know those other things you can do as being too religious get us bored when you get home.

Some of you might be asking how they will know those other sides without talking to you or having a date with you…

How will they come to you when you always frown at men in your place of worship? How will they come to you when it is so obvious in your character that knowing them will make you derail from heavenly race?

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You do all these in the place of worship but you are something else outside, you better wakeup.
You have to mingle and free to attract them, it is when you attract them you then screen some out as you cannot know them when your attitude is chasing them.

3. Because they are a Virgin they also want him clean

Most virgins look out for men that are also as holy as themselves, this makes them keep searching till eternity.

Being a virgin is soo nice, however, it doesn’t mean you will get a man who has never done it in his life. If you get one, very good, but you should give room for those that have done it before.

Being a virgin doesn’t mean the man is good too and because he has done it before doesn’t make him unholy, don’t forget he can decide not to tell you he has done it and you will not know the truth maybe for life.

4. Their shoulder is so high

You are not the type that can succumb to authority and you think men will look at you for a second, you are only deceiving yourself.

Naturally, men want to be the head in all ramifications, if you are still richer, some will still overlook, no man will overlook when you have an uncontrollable character.

Men want a woman that will listen and obey them. See, Now-a-days, most women don’t even listen to all commands by their man, this doesn’t make them bad, but the fact that they are married their husband will just overlook those attitude they portray ones in a while as they are also human.

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So, even if you want to make some decisions ones in a while just show to him he can control you during that time you need a man, and you must be willing to obey his command, every other thing will fall in place.

5. Some call decency nudity

Some of these ladies will dress and you will be shocked. To them, dressing smart and decent means nudity.

Men of Now-a-days can not stand it when your dressing is not appealing whatsoever. See, the way you dress, make-up adds to your beauty, no matter how bad you look, your dressing and the make-up will reset your looks. You don’t need to expose any part of your body, neither do you need to put on sack in the name of looking holy.

Using makeup will not make you lose heaven, you can make it light and it will complement your beauty, making it heavy can even cause confusion as when you visit your man and you clean the heavy makeup he will be confused, so, light makeup will go a long way, look good and completely smart and decent.

I did not only mention reasons some ladies are still single, i have also given the solution, so if you fall in any of those categories you need to rethink before it is too late. Don’t forget, those people term bad are getting married every weekend, how much more you that is humble and all good! Please, this year shouldn’t pass you by.

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