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Sometimes when you launch an attack against Fulani herdsmen in retaliation, do you know that they become invisible?

On 17th Sept 2018, a community in Ukwa East LGA Abia State called Akwete was raided by Fulani herdsmen, many were killed, scores injured and four girls were raped..
When we the villagers rose up against them, before my very eyes, I mean before my korokoro eyes, a Fulani herdsman turned to a cow and jumped over the fence..imagine a cow jumping a fence.

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We had no option than to throw our weapons away and run…

It didn’t stop at that; Report from other group said that they surrounded the herdsmen, and before their very eyes, these Fulani herdsmen disappeared, only their bags, knives and daggers were visible.

That wasn’t the end..

When Fulani herdsmen invaded Obohia Ndoki(A village in same Ukwa East LGA close to Akwete), and destroyed our farmlands, the villagers rose at night and head straight to their base; when we broke into their house, every of their properties were there, but the herdsmen disappeared…
Some of you might say that the ran away before we came…But that’s not true; we monitored them till they went inside their house before our people were alerted…

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Now what I’m I trying to say?
The Fulani herdsmen operate with traditional powers which make them invisible whenever they are in danger…

Now, come to Akwete and Obohia Ndoki, Fulani herdsmen now operate freely, destroying our farmlands and properties..

Our people must understand that going into war with these herdsmen is not enough, but we must also know what to do to neutralize these their traditional powers they use in becoming invisible.

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