After 15 years, ROCHAS 2007 Presidential Campaign Coordinator Resurface!

After 15years, The Boy that leads the Presidential Campaign for Rochas
Okorocha, the first-ever in the history of Nigeria Resurfaces again!
This is not child’s play! Samson, (ANSOROK) is his nickname in the
political setting still searching for good governance still in the
forefront searching for that man that will liberate Nigerians from
poverty, etc.

The young man that said one day Rochas Okorocha will be the President
of Nigeria, and his Own Group will be on the front burner to see that
it happens, Resurface again! With his 2007 Group Name called, All
Nigerians Support Owelle Rochas Okorocha (ANSOROK) 2007.

All Nigerians Support Owelle Rochas Okorocha (ANSOROK) 2007
Presidential Campaign Coordinator Resurface again! Set up Consultation
Committee for the Upcoming 2023 Presidential Election

As the 2023 Presidential upcoming Elections draw near, and the way
it’s Gathering Momentum and which of the zones to produce the Next
President. The one time National Presidential Campaign Coordinator of
ANSOROK. Heard an emergency meeting at godfather hotel Lagos state,
while briefing them he quickly took them down memory lane that ANSOROK
is not a new Organization, this group was established in the year 2004
but start full operation in the year 2005 during the buildup of the
2007 Presidential Election, and they choose Rochas Okorocha Has their
preferred Presidential Material out of other IGBO candidates at that
time to liberate Nigeria from poverty and lacks good governance, this
is few of the coordinators’ speech extracted.

Prince Adewale Samson who happens to be the founder and Coordinator of
Group (ANSOROK 2007) in a welcome address said we have not started any
campaign for Rochas Okorocha yet, this is an urgent meeting for like
minds and past leaders, members of ANSOROK 2005, and other various
group leaders that are here present, I know you all are now leaders
from another group championing other Presidential aspirants, but first
and foremost we all started and belong to ANSOROK 2007 Family, it is
in ANSOROK we all started from, you all are leaders in ANSOROK 2007,
no doubt we all did our best, we did well, in selling and projecting
our Principal Senator Rochas Okorocha during the 2007 presidential
campaign, but we were not treated well during and after that Election.

Please my fellow comrades before I proceed further let me clear this
notion that am hearing from some of you that call me on phones from
time to time I will not mention any names here, please. That Rochas
used and dumped us during the 2005/7 period, (this is Not True!)The
truth is those working Around Rochas Okorocha are holding our money
and all our sweat and labour are on their head, God will judge let us
leave Rochas out of it. Because we did a follow-up to request for all
our personal Resources spent but they did not allow our Request to get
to him Senator Rochas Okorocha.

The Rochas Okorocha I know that I have met is a good Man to us all
during that period because he did mention to ANSOROK Group during one
of our biggest rally we Organized in Lagos, “quotes from ROCHAS” he
Said I know you are all spending your hard earn resources and time on
ANSOROK project that posterity will not forget us, that we should
please itemize all we have been doing and other projects we have ahead
for him and bring to Abuja, which we did submit to his office through
DHL and hand-delivered. All that is history, I know all that
Documents did not get to him.

We need to move forward. One day we will meet again and discussed
that. This time even though we are going to work for him or not, our
Advice to Senator Rochas Okorocha be careful of sycophants around him.
He must this time try to supervise all his projects if he really wants
to Achieve his Dreams.

Not to waste our precious time because some of you came from outside
Lagos for this urgent emergency meeting, I am so glad to see old faces
and new ones among us here today, may God bless you all and grant our
hearth desire, this time we are going to be wiser and shine our eyes
very well,

National Coordinator of ANSOROK Prince Adewale Samson, without wasting
time, said I invited just 20 of you my closed Allied and Campaign
Coordinators to this meeting Today, just 14 of you are here present
now, which shows we are concern about the happenings in Nigeria and we
needed to quickly meet to chart the way forward I need Stressing that
the major objective of this meeting was to brainstorm on ways forward
for the people of the South West, South-East and South-South zone Come
2023 only, and nothing more. Thank you all for coming.

When the meeting proper started am the only journalist present at that
time were excused out because it was supposed to be a closed-door
meeting one of the leaders of a Tinubu group said, so we waited

We try reaching ANSOROK Coordinator after the meeting to get
first-hand information on their 2023 preferred presidential candidate,
ANSOROK declined picking our calls, we couldn’t reach him online and
the phone not reachable afterward.

we later got through to the Secretary Mrs. Jumai who told us that they
did not reach any conclusion on a preferred candidate yet, but a 6
(six) Man Consultation Presidential Committee was set up and headed by
the Coordinator of ANSOROK Prince Adewale Samson and herself the
Secretary her Group Name is Liberty Movement she is the National Women
Leader of that group, that she represented her group in the meeting.

Mrs. Jumai who said 5 (five) Names from the 3 Southern Geo-Political
Zones each were Penciled Down for consultation, making 15 Presidential
hopefuls. Few of them are Technocrats and not the Regular everyday
Politicians we use to know.

We try to find out from her the names of all the Southern zone
Penciled Down for Consultation met a brick wall as she said only
Prince Adewale Samson can release it to the Press, we also ask Mrs.
Jumai if they have reached out to Rochas Okorocha if he is also
contesting for President Come 2023, she said from the fillers she got
from his ANSOROK Coordinator it is possible Rochas will Contest the
Election as he has been in the race more than other Igbo Candidates,
we also find out from her if they are still going to retain the Group
Name as ANSOROK 2023? She said this is what she cannot tell for now
because that name was mainly for Rochas Okorocha Presidential bid at
that time 2007, that now we have some names penciled down to Consult,
But for her, she is from the Northern Zone and the Presidential
Consultation did not favour them and her zone, but she loves Rochas
from day 1 while working with ANSOROK campaign train 2005/7 Period
that Rochas is a man for the Poor Masses.

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