Anambra 2021: Elections Are About Choices

Anambra 2021: Elections Are About Choices

By Machie Emmanuel

Once you have decided to run for office you will need to answer the question “why are you running?” For some it is an easy question to answer because they are running to solve a particular problem with passion and commitment. For others, the answer may be a difficult one. Knowing the reason(s) behind your quest for political office and your goals once you are elected is critical to being a successful candidate.

Dr. Godwin Maduka, having touched all sectors of human interest in his philanthropic deeds has major focus in the following areas:

In a bid to elevate the state to an enviable level. He wants to focus on health, agriculture, education, tourism and infrastructure, technology and digital economy, religious tolerance, transportation, security, energy and waste management.

Dr. Godwin Maduka’s vision for health will involve the maintenance and improvement of the sector. On education, he emphasized the need for free education and 50 percent subsidy on academic cost to raise the literacy level in Anambra state.

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He wants to equip Anambra youths with ICT skills on technology manufacturing, robotics and artificial intelligence through the establishment of hub centers, all in a bid to improve the technology and digital economy of the state.

There is no doubt that Dr. Godwin Maduka is the best candidate for the Governorship of Anambra state come 2021.

Ndi Anambra are tired of promise and fail politicians, they want someone they can hold responsible, someone who will not shy away from his responsibilities, someone they can have unhindered access to, someone who will listen to them, someone who will always be there for them and the only person who has this characteristics is no other person but Dr. Godwin Maduka.

Dr. Godwin Maduka’s achievements within his community Umuchukwu conveys a great deal without using words. With the construction of two churches, one each for Anglicans and Catholics, a Trinity Hospital and Maternity Home, standard houses for widows and the poor, he has demonstrated the zeal to uplift life in Anambra State. Other infrastructure developments include the construction of Immaculate Conception International College, a police post, a magistrate court, a standard market called “Afor Market.’’

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He built barracks for members and staff of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps(NSCDC), built two monasteries for churches and a community centre with a village hall. His scholarship awards to indigent students remain an outstanding demonstration of charity to many lovers of philanthropic exercise.

He also built a state high court, a post office, provided transformers to boost electricity in the community, built standard structures for primary and secondary schools in the community.

He built a five-star hotel called the ‘Lion of Africa Resort’. These and amongst others are the giant strides of Dr. Godwin Maduka.

Elections present voters with choices. While you may believe your vote out of the hundreds or thousands cast will not make much difference, however you should understand that every vote counts. It is an important civic responsibility.

This is the main reason you must take conscientious decision about voting because without voting, you deny yourself the opportunity of changing bad leadership that has become the bane of our democracy for a long time now.

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There is need for Anambrarians to rally around Dr Godwin Maduka in his quest to turn Anambra State around and give us a state that we could be proud of.

We must stand by the truth. We must learn to ask our politicians questions, questions that will determine if they were ready for the job, someone who is aspiring to be a governor must have impacted in the lives of his people directly or indirectly.

Dr. Godwin Maduka has impacted in the lives of people directly, he is on the ground and knows where it hurts.

Dr. Godwin Maduka is the choice candidate of the masses for this job, let us give him a chance to do even more as Governor of Anambra State.

Dr. Godwin Maduka is our best choice.

Right Choice ~ #Right Time

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