Anambra Guber: Andy Uba Is Already Plagiarizing?

By: Mathias Ndulue

The new low for Andy and his handlers is to lay siege on other Candidates with the intention of hijacking their campaign catchwords.

If this is not a sign of lack of ideas then I wonder what else could be. A candidate that is unable to formulate his own unique campaign catchword may certainly be unable to come up with a detailed and more intricate document as a manifesto.

The “Greater Anambra” catchword has since the build up of this process been a manifest part of the Soludo/APGA campaign messaging. In fact, just 3weeks ago billboards have been mounted bearing the “Greater Anambra” catchword for the APGA candidate. It is not mere coincidence that Andy and his co-travellers are already usurping it. Of course they don’t know what to tell ndi Anambra, and this is why they have resorted to plagiarizing the APGA campaign catchword.

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Only God knows what they will steal next. Afterall, for a Party whose primary election was stolen and result written in a hotel room, nothing can actually be impossible with them.

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