Anambra Guber: Why Ndi Anambra Should Vote APC By Ezeafurukwe Paul Ihunanya

Over a decade now, the good people of Anambra have been held bound by a political party-APGA which lacks national coloration and has been relegated to a state party controlled by the few without recourse to its effects on the socio-political and economic realities of the State.

Amongst the Five South Eastern States, Anambra is one of those that has shut herself out from the scheme of events especially from the national level because of the continuous decision of a few money bags under a family business arrangement, in the guise of a political party. Little wonder why as hard as they try to reckon with other states in terms of development, they still fall short and obviously far from the realities of a modern state. Awka, the Capital city of Anambra State is still far from wearing the look of a modern State Capital.

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As the Anambra guber election draws near, it has become imperative for Anambrians to right the wrongs and dislodge these money bags and godfathers hovering in perpetuity, under the slogan brandished to deceive them all in the name of cultural and tribal inclination. It is another opportunity to look forward to rejoining with the national grid of power for an even transformation/development and this can only be actualized by voting APC into power.

With the quality of leadership that Anambra is set to experience through the person of Sen. Andy Uba of the APC, there’s no doubt that he will change the ugly narratives associated with the state and make the state to feel the presence of the Federal Government which was shunned by the past and present administrations in the state.

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If Imo, Ebonyi as well Cross River and Zamfara states which where hitherto held spellbound by the opposition and branded as PDP states are now APC governed states, enjoying the blessings of aligning with the party that controls the power at the center then it is time for Anambra to be APC.

There is hope for Ndi Anambra in APC as it promises to be governance as never before seen and if we must pursue the Igbo Presidency agenda with full zest, we must consider our numbers-South East States in the ruling party as politics is but a game of numbers and if Anambra joins the league then we can say to have the bargaining power of what we seek.

Come November 6, we are trusting the good people of Anambra to come out in their numbers and vote APC as the only true party that will be a pointer towards putting the state on the map of socio-economic development and good governance at its peak.

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Anambra will be Home For All, once again!
Vote for a new Anambra.
Vote APC.
Vote Sen. Andy Ubah.

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