Anambra State Gov Obiano Is Finished

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Reverend Father Chindo wrote


I just want to congratulate His Excellency, Chief Dr Willie Mmaduaburochukwu Obiano on the landslide victory recorded by his mentor, His Excellency, Alhaji Muhammad Buhari. You have indeed succeeded in your unholy romance and ally with the enemies of Ndi Igbo. You’ve actually shown us that you support the slaughter of Umu Igbo in their own fatherland and in diaspora. You have given us every reason to believe that you have a hand in some of the killings of the innocent IPOB members.

You sold your conscience because of personal interest (You’re planning to join APC to contest for Senate under Anambra North). You betrayed your Igbo brothers and sold them off to the Hausa-Fulani Abattoir when you told us to vote for a man that will confiscate our goods, kill us and kill our children. We thought we’ve seen it all, you personally fought your predecessor Mr Peter Obi and frustrated him to ensure he lost his political pursuit. Unfortunately, you didn’t watch your back. You didn’t know that your selfish ambition will cost you your State. How come you lost all the senatorial seats in Anambra State even as the incumbent governor?

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How come Dr Ifeanyi Uba of ‘ordinary’ YPP won your candidate in Anambra South despite your attempt to frustrate him? I’m not officially addressing you Mr governor, but let me quickly remind you of your wickedness against the church of God. May I draw your attention precisely to the fact that the gate of the church you locked against Anglicans is still under lock and key. I don’t think you know the implications of the prayers that were said at the gate of the government house the day you locked us outside the gate in the sun. Let me remind you two of the prayer points prayed by one of the senior priests of the diocese on that day,”Oh Lord, as they lock the government gate against us, lock the gate of your favor against them. As they left us under the sun, let the sun smite them by day until they’re put to shame”, we chorused Amen. You want to win election with these kinds of prayer points at thew gate of the government house? **Smiles**

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Before I forget, how about Gbor your presidential candidate? How market? As APGA governor, did you vote for Gbor? Tell us the truth! We’re waiting for the worst to happen. We’ve seen it all, there’s nothing that will happen now that has not happened before. We’re ready for the worst. Let Buhari do unto us as he pleases but don’t forget that ‘No genocidal weapon formed against Ndi Igbo will prosper for we are the Israel of God.

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What a man sows he will reap. Peter Obi is regretting why he gave you that seat, he just realized the seat is bigger than you. You have killed APGA and you have killed Anambra. You worked against the wish of Ndi Anambra and you used the resources of Ndi Anambra to campaign for our arch enemy. You think we’re all fools. Because of this, your tenure will be the last tenure of APGA in Nigeria. APGA is accursed and stinkingly deluged. For conspiring with Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen to force Buhari down our throat, your remaining days in office will not know peace.
Nke a bu nke ndi Awusa na ndi obi ojoo.

#Ispoke as the spirit hit me.

Rev’d Fr Obi Chindo
Prolocutor/Oracle for the poor and the Marginalized.

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