Breaking: IPOB,Nnamdi Kanu Declares Peter Obi Wanted,Order Sight On Him

……. sequel to Peter Obi’s wicked statement against Indigenous People of Biafra , IPOB, the leader , Dr. Nnamdi Kalu, responds to Obi, see below.

I, Nnamdi Kanu the Supreme leader of Indigenous peoples Of Biafra, IPOB , hereby declare stone at sight on Peter Obi. This call from me is made today the 22nd day of August, 2019 following the shoot at sight call from Peter Obi on the peaceful members of IPOB.

This beastly shoot at sight call from Peter Obi against Igbo interest is one too many. Recall that in 2009, Peter Obi as the governor of anambra state murdered over three thousand MASSOB members and dumped their liveless corpes in Ezu River. Peter Obi didn’t stop at that, he also gave a shoot at sight order which resulted in the death of over five hundred MASSOB members at Okpoko in Onitsha and other parts of Anambra State.

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The corpse of the young man from Achalla in Awka North who was murdered and his head and other body parts deposited by cronies of Peter Obi at a room in Upper Class Hotel, Onitsha are verifiable evidences on how Peter Obi used the lives of members of MASSOB on vendetta missions.

Late John Nwaokolo, Heny Offoh, Ndubuisi Oyene and hundreds of MASSOB members were taken to Peter Obi’s murder camp at Awkuzu SARS and were unconditionally executed in the year 2009. Peter Obi’s hatred for the Igbo nation is legendary. It is on record that all his businesses were located outside Igbo land NEXT INTERNATIONAL were located at Lagos, Abuja and Porthacout. The only business Peter Obi has that is located in Onitsha is hero beer factory. This singular act of locating beer factory in Anambra confirmed that he sees Igbos as drunkards.

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We have declared Peter Obi wanted and has ordered stone at sight on him. This will bring justice on the dead maytrs who died on active duty projecting the freedom of Igbo. The blood of John Nwaokolo and thousand of others whose lives were cut short by Peter Obi cries for vengeance from their graves. Igbo land will take it’s toll on Obi for killing our youths and advocating shoot at sight on innocent and unarmed MASSOB members whose only sin was championing the freedom of the Igbos.

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Dr. Nnamdi Kalu,
Supreme Leader
Indigenous Peoples of Biafra. (IPOB)

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