Checkout The Acclaimed General Hospitals Built And Commissioned By Rochas With 27 Billion Naira (Photos)

Whenever we accuse Okorocha of leaving substandard, death trap and uncompleted structures in Imo state that are now criminal hide outs and killer animals niche, his boys will begin to call us names and brandish it as propaganda but however we have gone past that level to one that presents facts with verifiable evidence which they themselves can’t deride or feign ignorance of as it is the truth and nothing but the truth.

Much emphasis has been laid on the so called achievements of Okorocha as many of his media urchins have taken to the social media in my absence in their usual white wash style to cajole imolites and emotionally hold them bound so as to see Okorocha as the messiah but we say wash a pig, clean a pig, a pig is a pig!. Okorocha is a looter of our commonwealth and no amount of images shown can take away that from the minds of Imolites.

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One of the striking images being paraded by Okorocha and his gullible followers is that of the 27LGAs Uncompleted General Hospitals which totaled N27B by the Okorocha’s administration as one of his numerous white elephant projects. Embarrassing, what Okorocha prides over as an achievement or legacy is only but a block work that he left to rot despite the huge some of amount plunged into it.

In their wickedness which is a sheer foolishness they’ve kept on showing us a 3D image of the proposed building and have refused to send in the pictures showing the state of the hospital as at today. We know their only defense is to say government is a continuum, a witty statement to justify Okorocha’s failure and blame successive governments but the truth is that even Okorocha abandoned those hospitals while in office only to claim that it was a Public Private Partnership(PPP) venture. A lie from the bottomless pit of hell.

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Seeing the images of these hospitals will provoke one to begin to judge the rationale behind them and the sanity of Okorocha for embarking on a project he knows he cannot complete. While our question of what he did with the N27B for the charade he calls hospitals is begging for an answer, we want to equally ask why didn’t Okorocha use this amount of money to revive our state General Hospital, Teaching Hospital, Primary health centers since he was interested in the health sector? rather than waste our scarce resources and pocketed the rest.

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Okorocha and his gullible followers are unwise if not wisdom would’ve been the principal thing to direct them instead of pride. Wisdom will go for forgiveness instead of public display of substandard and uncompleted structures that reminds Imolites of the type of governance Okorocha represents but we will continue to expose the truth and see if they can change and receive sense for once.

Below are situation report from the 27B naira general hospital built and commissioned by Rochas Okorocha. As we can see, some of the block work are not even completed talk more of equipping them.

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