Covid-19: His Truth Is Marching In, The Lord Will Surely Take Charge


The time has come for the scientific world to come clean with respect to the corona virus syndrome. This is a radiation-induced inflammation of the bronchial architecture producing severe chest discomfort, pulmonary edema secondary to inflammation of the bronchioles. The use of intubation and assisted respiration via a ventilator is to allow the inflammation to subside while allowing the lung tissue to heal with additional use of corticosteroids. The coronavirus is an overgrowth caused by this radiation-induced pulmonitis and hydroxyl chloroquine used in this instance releases zinc, which has a cell –stabilizing as well as healing effect just like zinc oxide has a membrane stabilizing effect.
There is need for the public to demand autopsy of their loved ones who reportedly have died from this syndrome. The results will support radiation-induced cellular damage as the root cause.
This radiation is from emission of the 5G masts placed strategically around communities and individuals with pre-existing chronic health challenges are more predisposed to the hazards of this public health menace.
The American people have a right to know what they are being exposed to. If indeed America is a democracy the congress needs to open an inquiry immediately to evaluate what many have termed a conspiracy theory.
Well it is not conspiracy theory when some Billionaires have been propounding various theories with respect to population control.
It is not conspiracy theory when Dr. Anthony Fauci in 2017 prophesied that America would be enveloped by a Pandemic at some point during the Trump Administration. His prediction informed some highly placed individuals to sell their stocks. Should he be exempted from prosecution for inside trading considering his premonition on this subject matter?
Some Foundations have turned Africa as guinea pig labs in the guise of helping eradicate malaria but surreptitiously trying to sterilize the poor Africans thereby stopping their ability to procreate.
The world is witnessing a battle between good and evil. The agents of Lucifer are battling to create a new world order through which Human beings will be turned into robots and controlled by a few.
I have news for these demagogues: The blood of our Lord Jesus Christ shed on the Cross of Calvary was not shed in vain. I cover all Children of God Almighty with the blood of Jesus Christ on this day of his resurrection, the 12th day of April 2020.
His blood will be your shield and buckler and a cloak against any radiation or corona virus. His blood will bring healing to all those hospitalized with this syndrome, for the blood of Jesus never fails, and will not abandon you in this difficult time.
The mighty blood of Jesus will heal our land and put the enemy to shame, the blood of Jesus will destroy and scatter the gang up of the wicked like in the tower of Babel.
Father, we call upon you this day, with the faith of Elijah the Tishbite to send down fire from above and save your people from shame.

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