COVID-19: “If Something Big Starts Big, It Calls For Concern” T.B Joshua Warns World Leaders Over Coronavirus Pandemic

The popular Nigerian prophets, Ceo and founder of Synagogue Church of All Nations, T.B Joshua has stated a brief warning to the world Leaders over the coronavirus pandemic, Urging the leaders to take a major step in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Prophet T.B joshua made a strong warning that the leaders must not fail to aid those that are raelly affected by the virus, he also stated that Gods anger may rise against the leaders if they fail to help displaced people from the deadly virus.

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During his statement he also urge the wealthy living individuals to support those that are needy over the coronavirus lock down order.

According to prophet He said:

“In a world that cares less, we should care more,” he advised. “If something big starts big, it calls for concern,”

There is time for everything – a time to be born, a time to grow, a time to face persecution and a time to reap the fruit of your labour. Any life that does not follow this process is bound to face obstacles that can either stop you or destroy you in the middle of the journey or late on the journey of life.Statement by prophet T.B Joshua

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He also made his final statement living a note to the leaders saying:

If you do not know how to maintain the little of today, you may not know how to maintain the big of tomorrow.Prophet T.B Joshua

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