Covid -19: It’s Time To Value Our Local Manufacturers – Juliet Anaemes To Fed Govt

Madam Juliet

National President United For A New Nigeria Initiative, Women Leader and the founder of societal education for all initiative (SEA) in the person of Lady Juliet .C. Anaeme appreciates the combined efforts of federal and state government towards the eradication of covid-19 in the country. The grassroot political mobilizer strongly advised government to contract the production of medical equipments like ventilators, facial mask and sanitizers to our local producers. According to her statement, “in my opinion what is the essence of importing ventilators from abroad when we have people like innoson automobile group and the rest that can manufacture ventilators here in Nigeria? “We have good textile industries and tailors in Aba that can produce millions of facial mask in a day likewise pharmaceutical companies that can produce hand sanitizers”. She actually went ahead to say that she thinks its time for the country to value and patronise our local manufacturers and she strongly believe that at this time the world is faced with calamity, it will be good to ban imported medical equipments used in combating and treating corona virus in order to ensure the safety of Nigerians. She expressed how creative and liberal she is by saying that “I have already started the production of my quality local made mask which will be shared to my community to ensure the safety of my people. Her statement is in line towards Nigerians battling with nose masks and sanitizer shortage following that multiple pharmacies in various states in Nigeria hiked the prices of the commodities or reported having run out of stock.

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