COVID-19: The Politics Of The Lethal Disease


It is appalling or rather unfortunate that some states in the country are playing politics with the numbers of people that tested positive for COVID-19, in order to get grants from the federal government, private sector, individuals and foreign donors. The unpreparedness and carelessness of these states have frustrated the federal government’s efforts in combating this unseen and potent beast causing havoc globally.

Kano State is a point of interest and readily comes to mind with the strange deaths ravaging the state. Kano has lost more than 14 prominent personalities which includes; notable Businessmen, renowned Professor of Economics, a Journalist and traditional Heads. Report says they died in strange circumstances. Barely a week after the index case in the state was recorded, the Governor started making demands for funds reportedly close to 15billion, from the federal government and made an allusion to Lagos collecting same. This questions his intentions and integrity.

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Also, it was allegedly reported that the Governor rejected a newly built 60-bed capacity hospital as isolation centre for COVID-19 patients in the state because it is owned by a supposed political opponent. Hundreds of thousands of lives are at stake and the state government is playing politics with donation of a hospital. This is the highest level of insensitivity and a disservice to humanity.

The incompetence and lackadaisical approach of the Kano state government in the management of emerging challenges have caused the high number of deaths in the state and the dreaded virus is now spreading like a wildfire.

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Similarly, some states of the federation were harping on who is more important in getting the stimulus funds and other palliatives, which has led to the deliberate argumentation of the confirmed case in many states. The sack of a Medical Director was reported in a state in the South owing to his refusal to connive with the state government to inflate number of cases.

We can do better, placing monetary values or settling political feud at the expense of human life is barbaric and it doesn’t preach the tenets of our core values as a people. Let us remember the judgment of posterity.

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