Do You Think That Buhari Worth The Pain You Are Passing Through Now?


This question which was asked by Aisha Yesufu is an important question every Nigerian should answer. This question should not be answered by northerners or Arewa people alone. In recent days, many Nigerians have been going through ba hard time and most especially northerners. A single day will hardly pass with hearing one kind of bad news or the other as it relates to insecurity.

Based on that not, Aisha Yesufu decided to put up a question to the Northerners, known as Arewa. According to the question she asked, she asked them to know if Buhari really worth the pain they are going today as it regards insecurity in there region.

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That’s a good and an important question. It will be really good if they can answer this question that was asked to them. Many might come out and say that Buhari is really worth their pain, while on the other hand, some will say that he doesn’t. In your own take as an individual, do you think that Buhari worth the pain you are passing through now?

You can drop your comments below.

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