Donald Trump’s First Reaction To His Impeachment

Donald Trump's First Reaction To His Impeachment

After his impeachment by the United States House of Representatives, President Donald Trump says the action by the lawmakers is actually targeted at the Americans.

Trump also described his impeachment as an attempted coup by the Democrats.

In a tweet displaying a ‘white and black’ single photograph and a message and released around 4.49 am Nigerian time, Trump said: “In reality, they are not after me, they are after you. I’m just in the way.”

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While also reacting before a group of Americans, as reported by Aljazeera, Trump described the Democrats as the ones bringing pains and suffering upon the people because of their selfish desires. He accused them of endangering America’s democracy.

In reactions, some Americans have been expressing divergent views over the impeachment of their president.

In her reaction too, @real_defender said: “The democrats are celebrating impeachment today, however we will be celebrating the Senate’s acquittal of Trump and Trump’s re-election in 2020.”

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On his part, Allen Sutton replied: “The Democrat impeachment demonstrably proves one thing; Democrat leaders and their supporting members of congress, are monstrous liars; and this party should be abandoned by every honest citizen in this country.”

Akelicious earlier reported how Trump was impeached by the members of the US House of Representatives who voted 230 in favour of removing him against 197 who were against the action.

Among others, he was accused of abuse of power, on the first article, by the lawmakers.

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On the second article, which is obstruction of congress, the federal lawmakers voted 229 to 198 for Trump to be impeached.

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