Don’t Aim For Traffic, Aim For Conversions

The goal for many companies is to get as many people to arrive at their site as possible. They want mountains of traffic in the hope that somebody, somewhere, will convert.

But this approach to marketing is wrong. The goal isn’t to get as many people passing through your site as possible. It’s to get them to buy from you.

In truth, only trying to generate traffic is a bad idea. That’s because you wind up wasting money trying to obtain people who will never actually buy your products. 

The best approach is to focus solely on attracting leads – people who are likely to eventually convert. But how do you do this?

Focus Your SEO Around Your Buyer Persona

The first thing you’ll want to do is rethink your SEO. Instead of trying to capture everyone who types in a particular keyword, focus your efforts on getting your idea buyer to come to your site. Think carefully about the type of person that this is and then market to them accordingly. Run through their characteristics and then think specifically about the kind of SEO that would attract them. Target, for instance, the keywords that they use. Or create content that will inspire them to purchase from your company. 

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Create Funnels

Another tactic you might use is to create funnels. These are essentially guided steps that transition customers from initial interest to payment in a few clicks. At each step, you’ll want to provide material that helps people get over their pain points and are willing to pay you. 

Use An Agency Who Specializes In Conversions

Instead of using a regular SEO company, you might want to use a company that focuses on conversion rate optimization (CRO) instead. 

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What does a CRO agency do? Glad you asked. Instead of just finding keywords and trying to boost your site’s ranking in Google, these companies look for ways to get customers to actually buy your products.

The way they work is interesting. They create a combination of targeting traffic and compelling website experiences to convince people that you have genuine solutions that they may find valuable. This way, you can avoid spending money on traffic that isn’t going to buy from you and focus all your efforts on people who are. 

Focus On Goals

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A lot of companies focus their attention on website design. And the reasons for this are obvious: how a website looks affects brand image and customer experience to a large extent. 

However, the most sophisticated brands focus solely on goals. This way, they can ensure that they are always using their digital assets to move customers in the direction of conversion. Thus, when designing a website, you always want to have the goal in mind. Making it look beautiful is only part of the story. 

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Lastly, always listen to what your customers want. Don’t just treat your website like a one-way billboard for selling your products. Instead, make it interactive and allow customers to provide you with feedback when necessary. 

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