Driving SDGs To Address Unemployment Level And Poverty Rates In Nigeria

By Abubakar Yusuf

The Sustainable Development Goals SDGs is a driving force that had resisted all negative tendencies, though domesticated to bridge the gap of underdevelopment, unemployment rates,poverty level and provide other social interventions including all other basic necessities of life.

The global body established some decades ago meant to bridge the gap between the extremely poor and the rich was also meant to make life more meaningful to ordinary Nigerians in the area of provision of critical social infrastructures like water,light,rural roads, provision of health facilities,basic education, empowerment, capacity building,skill development among many others.

As a robust intervention agency alot of positive impact towards social equilibrium has successfully being put in place all round Nigeria,not minding the natural and man made phenomenon, that covers health, education,economy and all other invisible developemental strides.

This alone had contributed greatly to the jerking up of the countryside Gross Domestic Product GDP from a low ebb of O.33% to an appreciable level with effects on the continuous developement of all facets of our national life.

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The positive developement overtime cannot be divorced from a well thought out leadership with proactive tendencies manning the agency, geared towards the continuous developement of Nigeria, irrespective of the prevailing situations.

With natural occurences in recent time,from the global economic recession and COVID with multiplier effects on the generalty of many Nigerians, the redoubled stance of the intervention agency had impacted greatly to improving the dire consequences of the grievous economic quagmire, occassioned by these two critical situations.

Though,with minimal effects,the current 33% unemployment rates is being mitigated by the SDGs, through the creation of small scale businesses, capacity building and trainings as well as macro and micro economic programs,wealth creation with it’s various outlets, initiatives and interventions directly or indirectly by ensuring the strict execution of projects according to job specifications of constituency projects of the federal lawmakers domiciled in SDGs and it’s interventions projects.

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The numerous social interventions in the areas of health, education,provision of water both in bore holes and in other areas large water treatment centres to reduce the negative consequences, arising from health status,schools enrollment and provision of portable drinkable water to address the incessant sicknesses through water borne diseases.

The determination and efforts towards the domestication of SDGs programs in all facets of the country had greatly changed the tidings of the envisaged 10 million poverty lines, as predicted by experts in Nigeria in the coming years.

This is in addition to dousing the growing effects of the many months lockdown of the world economies, arising from the dreadful COVID, that had resisted the first,second and now in the third wave through awareness and it’s interventions.

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Aside all these,the improvement in the literacy level to combat illiteracy through provision of computers and others accessories in the health, education, capacity and skill development programs in the country, had assisted in no small measure to ameliorate the high negative effects of the twin occurrences.

With concerted efforts and actions in the new decades of developement tagged 2020-2030,it is obvious that SDGs will redoubled it’s efforts in the areas of more determination to address the growing dearth of social security, economic growth and other critical interventions.

This could be achieved to douse the rising unemployment rates and pvoverty levels in Nigeria,using SDGs as a spring board to economic and social prosperity.Yusuf Is A Public Affairs Analyst,Writes From Abuja..

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