Ekwunife: As Mbazuluike Puts An End To Dual Indigeneship Quagmire

Settled For ADA Aguata O A U…Uche Ekwunife

The universe, of course, I had no hands in the creation, but I hold firmly the belief that, those who make truthfulness their watchword are rewarded with longevity. May there not be a generation when the men of candour would be unplentiful.

In the league of the elder statesmen is, Mbazuluike Amaechi. The nationalist who is the only surviving minister of the First Republic was a member of NCNC that fought for independence from the clutches of colonialism. He is known for being courageous and a father-figure. Simply put, he befits the very status of statesman, and someday I will be proud to say that he lived in my generation.

As the choice of Uche Ekwunife to pick the Peoples Democratic Party ticket spreads across the state, the reason being that, the performance of the Senator is very difficult for Ndi Anambra to ignore.

But, then, cynicism have enveloped few quarters not to know that, for every married woman, there is a dual indigeneship.— Her place of birth and marriage.

The Indigeneship quagmire?

Mbazuluike, a zikist otherwise known as “The Boy is Good” had on Sunday, January 10, 2020, lectured those who think that Ekwunife is without full entitlement to contest the 2021 guber. He explained that the uniqueness of women preserved rights and privileges in both their place of birth and marriage.

The nonagenarian made the revelation when the performing Senator paid him a courtesy call in his country home, Ukpor, Anambra state.

Genealogically, Ekwunife is a descent of the ancestral town of Igbo-ukwu, Aguata, in Anambra south and married to Nri in Anambra central. While it is true that, Ekwunife is representing Anambra Central in the red chamber the argument that she is not from South is very unfortunate and feeble. Ekwunife, a very peaceful and hardworking Senator, versed in politics understands the privileges in dual Indigeneship even though competence and burning desire to make the state, truly the light of the Nation nudged her into the race.

Experience and antecedents are factors that should play a decisive role, and if so, Ekwunife has won the primary even before the election. It was her capacity that returned PDP to the Senate in Central Senatorial District after barely a year of Victor Umeh’s sojourn. Ekwunife stands head and shoulders above the rest in many determinants. From the green to red chamber she has shown selfless and unrivalled representation. Numerous developmental projects, human capital development, notable bills and motions are to her credit.

Beside Mbazuluike’s well understood counsel, available records show that women have politically benefited from their dual Indigeneship. The former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Alison-Madueke took the ministerial slot of Bayelsa state in lieu of Enugu state where she is married to. Also Iyom Josephine Anenih, an ex-officer of Edo PDP is presently a BOT member of the party in Anambra state not at her place of marriage. The Senator nicknamed Mama Bakassi, Florence Ita-Giwa represented Cross River South in 1999 even though her husband is not from South South, Nigeria. The same was the fate of Edo South Senatorial District between 2003 – 2007 when the constituents handed over their mandate to Senator Daisy Ehanire Danjuma who is married to Taraba state.

Away from politics, Justice Mary Peter Odili upon her elevation to Supreme court bench is benefiting from dual Indigeneship. She took the South East slot because she is from Imo state, but married to former governor of Rivers state. The same could be said of the wife of current Minister of Labour and employment, Chris Ngige who was a director in Anambra state but recently was appointed a Permanent Secretary (South South), benefiting from the privilege nature conferred on women. She hails from Delta state. Also, Justice Anyanwu is an Appeal court judge from Anambra state but married to Imo state.

What, though, will not become a reality is for dissenters to deny the Chairman Senate Committee on Science and Technology her dual Indigeneship rights and privileges. The wishes cannot fly beyond the limits of their imagination.

The woman who I like to call the doyenne of the Senate is, whether on the ground of zoning or not the party best choice ahead of November polls. The Party must not afford a bit, to hand out the ticket to someone without the capacity to win election. Ekwunife’s deep-rooted grassroots base is an added advantage for PDP that is yet to have a successful guber outing since 2003.

Soon, memories of the festive season will become dim but not Mbazuluike’s statement. The former Minister has continued to be in the class where truth is priceless. I’m certain that the advise of the living legend- to work selflessly for Ndi Anambra- if she emerges will be uphold judging by antecedents. All that will be needed is, for PDP to do the needful.

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