Exclusive: Attempt To Dupe Senator Stella Oduah of 60million Naira Fails

A plot to extort and scam Senator Stella Adaeze Oduah representing the good people of Anambra north senatorial zone at the National Assembly has been exposed by a group known as Anambra North Vanguard For Good Governance & Purposeful Representation.

According to a statement sent to AIF Media, the Anambra North Vanguard For Good Governance & Purposeful Representation alleged that a meeting of how to blackmail the senator and extort her about 60million naira was held at a private residence at Nteje.

According to the statement, these group of persons had been sending threat messages to the WhatsApp number of the senator but when she refused to play by their game, they convened a meeting where they agreed to scandalize her through all manner of sustained media campaign.

Here is the full statement by the Anambra North Vanguard For Good Governance & Purposeful Representation;


On Saturday 1st Feb 2020, a group of men led by one Dede Uzor A Dede & Fabian Ohanaya gathered at a private residence in Nteje to perfect a plan that had been brewing for sometime and one Dan Uzoma who was mandated to read out the agenda, proceeded to drop the following points.

  1. That their earlier plans to obtain the sum of N60,000,000 from the Senator representing Anambra North, Princess Stella Adaeze Oduah had hit a brick wall as all attempts to get her attention has been fruitless.
  2. That though their chairman Fabian Ohanaya had been sending a series of threatening messages to the senator’s known WhatsApp number, she had so far remained unperturbed.
  3. That as earlier agreed, their chairman had sent out a series of messages, threatening to scandalize the senator and unleash an all out sustained media campaign of calumny unless she acedes to their request of a payment in the sum of N60,000,000.
  4. That there was a need to restrategize seeing that the Senator was unwilling to fall for their tricks.
  5. That the much anticipated meeting with their sponsor initially scheduled for 6th of March had been shifted to a date that would be subsequently communicated and that he remains focussed on contesting for the Anambra North senatorial slot at the next general elections.
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At this point, Fabian Ohanaya delivered a long speech, encouraging the unholy gathering to remain resolute in it’s agenda while boasting that since Senator Stella Oduah has refused to play ball, their PLAN B which involves arranging a press conference and seizing the opportunity to make spurious claims would be set in motion in no distant time.

The meeting adjourned with members pledging their unalloyed fidelity to the nefarious agenda.

This April, the same Fabian Ohanaya and Dan Uzoma held a press conference where the former assumed the imaginarily ridiculous role of “Chairmen of all Chairmen of Senator Stella Oduah Campaign Managers in Anambra North Senatorial Zone” and proceeded to give her a 14 day ultimatum, claiming in one breath that she used and dumped them whilst also pretending they had the ears of Anambra North voters by calling for her rejection in the future!

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We do not believe it is wise to even address all the irrational issues they raised but we want to use this medium to alert Anambra North constituents to this new form of 419 where hungry clowns masquerading as political stakeholders, take themselves so serious that they find it so easy to lie unashamedly to themselves and the world at large.

Let it be known that these characters are nothing more than political opportunists whom having failed to blackmail the Senator, have resolved to demonize her openly in the sick hopes that politicians nursing hopes of running for same office in 2021 will fall into the trap of believing that they are solid stakeholders in the district and the general public are advised to be careful and wary of these desperate hustlers who only think from their belly and do not care about development to the Senatorial district.

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We are aware that the good senator has long reported their futile extortionist demands to the police and her lawyer and we remain amused at how hunger can unleash such monumental desperation.

The Anambra North constituent is advised to ignore the rants of these desperate hustlers who want to reap where they did not sow by imagining that the Senator has nothing better to do for the district than to fall prey to their kindergarten 419 antics.

Anambra North will continue rising and with ADAEZECHUKWUNAEMEOGO, THE BEST IS YET TO COME!



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