How Atiku And PDP foolishness was Exposed

Their Foolishness

In a 139-page petition, according to PDP/Atiku, the data in INEC server showed that Atiku polled a total of 18,356,732 votes to ‘defeat’ Buhari whom PDP said scored 16,741,430 votes….

I have read through the entire 139 pages of the petition. Never have I seen a petition this baseless and lacking in any rational arguement. Of the entire 139 page petition, reference to INEC backend server report is the PDP’s only ground for alleging that elections where rigged against it.

They did not tender a single signed polling unit, ward or LGA, or state elections result sheet from any where in the entire country signed by their agents that showed that the result computed and released by INEC was tampered with.

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They have not tendered incidence entry at point of
elections, signed by their party agents that showed that there was wrong doing at any point in the election process which unduly disadvantaged the party and benefitted the APC and Buhari.

Rather, what they are tendering are bunch rehashed allegations, lies and plain naivety.

They claimed INEC server showed PDP scored 18,356,732 votes. My question is, how is that possible?

The INEC card reader only sends accreditation information to INEC servers. IT DOES NOT SEND DATA ON HOW PEOPLE VOTED. It does not send disambiguous data because the card reader itself is merely for accreditation purpose not for actual VOTING.

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So how did ATIKU AND PDP arrive at this figure for themselves? HOW DID THEY DIVIDE PEOPLE THAT GOT ACCREDITED TO KNOW THAT 18M VOTED FOR PDP. To add to their stupidity, they failed to discount for invalid votes bland cancelled polling unit.

In public, they claimed Buhari rigged them out, but in their petition they are asking the courts to disqualify PMB on the basis of WAEC. If they have been alleging that PMB rigged them out, why did they not build their case around providing evidence to prove the where rigged.

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Finally, they have asked the courts to cancel the election on the basis of the above nonsense.

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