How Nigeria Police Labelled Young Man A Fraduster Without Evidence

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This morning 4th January 2020 around 10am, as I was headed to Kenyatta in Enugu here.
I alighted from the bus, I saw a police officer chasing after a young man who was walking down the pedestrian lane.
The policeman intercepted this boy, searched him and reached to his phone( iPhone) he was asking why are you collecting my phone.
The officer was landing punches on his face like a criminal.
Before 30seconds the 3 officers rushed to this boy hitting him black and blue.. The GOC as I head a man dressed in orange traditional called him (the officer leading the team), the GOC was virile hitting the boy with his gun saying the boy was dragging their guns!
This was happening around 10:15am .
The reason is that he refused to be searched and also to unlock his phone
They labelled the guy a fraduster(yahoo boy) without any evidence.
The man dressed in orange traditional said he is a police officer and wanted to settle this issue. They threaten to handcuff him and take him to EFCC.
When asked what transpired between them.
The officers said he refused them going through his phone and was fighting them.. To the record of this video you can see that the boy never raised an arm against any of the 3 policemen.
The name of this young man is Justice Obasi, an interior designer (0903 007 5911)
Please share until it gets to the right authority

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