How To Make Your Fleet More Efficient

How To Make Your Fleet More Efficient

In any logistics company or transportation company, the fleet manager has a very important job. Fleet managers are in charge of selecting and maintaining vehicles in order to keep deliveries and distribution on schedule and within budget, despite rising fuel costs. Your fleet manager needs to have experience and skills in operations, logistics and using software programs to monitor your fleet itself and the fleet’s drivers. You can make your fleet more efficient with these trick

An efficient fleet is cheaper to run, and the driver training makes them safer, so there’s less risk of accidents. If one of your vehicles is involved in an accident, discuss your case with a skilled truck accident lawyer

Fuel Card

Your fleet manager should be able negotiate larger volume rebates if they contract directly with a fuel card provider. The fuel business is very high volume, and low margin, and using a fuel card puts a middle man between the provider and you. 

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Maintenance Control

Vehicle downtime is expensive as it changes how efficiently drivers can use the fleet. Other vehicles have to make up the work when other vehicles are out of action, causing a drain on them, and company performance. There are lots of benefits to proper scheduling needed downtime in advance, as you can get more efficient strategies into place. 

Utilize Telematics

Telematics is ideal for a more efficient fleet and for better fuel efficiency. Telematics is also useful for reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. 

Telematics encourages your drivers to drive slower and more cautiously, which is safer and more fuel-efficient. It’s also a useful method of finding more effective ways of managing your fleet. If you can get more up-to-date positions of the fleet and traffic information, you can then decide on the most efficient routes and the driver in the best place. This could help you cut back on the amount of time that gets wasted, and make better use of your drivers’ time. 

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Driver Training

Offering driver training is another trick to use to lower your fuel bills. Promote good practices and get accurate data about driving behavior in the fleet to find any bad habits causing your problems. The habits you find can then be fixed with better training and education to make your drivers more efficient. Even a small change in driving behavior could help you to achieve a reduction in fuel usage. 

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Establish A Robust Fleet Policy

A clear written policy about fleet usage is a good start for improving your fleet efficiency. These are some of the best areas that you should include in your policy:

  • Which departments or individuals need a vehicle to assist in their role?
  • Are there any differences in the type of vehicle that should be given to different types of role?
  • Which vehicles will meet the needs of the driver?
  • What is the objective of the vehicles that you use? Is it low fuel consumption or style?
  • Do you encourage pooling between your employees?

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