I Had Malaria And Anambra Govt Baptised It To Coronavirus – Ochendo


Discharged Anambra state index case identified as Ochendo has claimed that he was never Positive for Coronavirus.

In a video shared online, Residents of his Community in Anambra state can be seen gathered to hear from Ochendo as he arrived from Hospital after been Discharged.

Speaking at his Residence, He explained how he had Malaria as usual, went to the Hospital for Malaria Treatment and the state Government allegedly carried out Coronavirus test and said he is Positive to the Deadly Pandemic.

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Explaining further, he told the people that he never had any symptoms of Coronavirus that he just noticed he had a little malaria as usual and go to the hospital before they claim his is positive For COVID-19, that even as he is talking to them he is still feeling the same way he was feeling before they said he was positive.

Odinceblog understands that Ochendo is a prominent person in his community.

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Speaking to the Residents, He said; This Coronavirus started in Holy week and all of you knows who I am. As you seeing me, does it look like I am sick?”

Crowd: No!

Ochendo: “since Friday I have been talking did my voice seize?”

Crowd: No!

“The truth is that anyone who is alive will sometimes get sick. I had Malaria as usual and I went to hospital and they baptised it to Coronavirus.

He further said that nothing was wrong with him as they said he tested positive for Coronavirus. After his speech, Residents of the Community is seen happily chanting his Name as they welcome him.

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Song: “Ochendo you are good to us, mbombo. (2x), whom God has blessed no man Curse, Mbombo (2x)

All the statement was made in Igbo Language and Transcribed to English by Akelicious.

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