Lady accuses man of offering her N100,000 for female underwear


A Nigerian lady has accused one Goodluck Oboye of selling ladies panties for ritual purpose after he offered her N100,000 for each pant.

The lady took to Facebook to share how Goodluck offered her N100,000 for each ladies panties she can bring to him. She screenshot their conversation to tell the whole story.

The Facebook, Esy Sugarlips asked that Goodluck be arrested and sent to prison or stone to death.

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Her Facebook reads: I don’t know how to feel about this. But this is the conversation between I and one Goodluck Oboye here on Facebook. I don’t need to say much about our conversation because it’s very easy to comprehend.

I pasted his picture there because I want you all to identify him. Get him arrested and sent to prison. Or rather, stone him to death. He’s one of the people perpetuating the act of selling panties belonging to ladies. And I want to assure you all that his account isn’t fake. We’ve been friends on Facebook for years but haven’t conversed.

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If this guy can ask me for such business proposal, then he can as well do anything. Ladies stay woke, be careful and prayerful and where ever you find him,
I repeat, stone him to death!!!

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