May God Protect Nigerians, IPOB Has Now Become A Complete Boko Haram – Adamu Garba

Adamu Garba IPOB

Following The sit-at-home order by the Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB, the Chairman of the governing council, Adamu Garba, has made known that Nigerians should be mindful against promoting the actions of the IPOB.

Earlier, the IPOB had ordered the closure of schools to take cognisance of the Biafra day. In reaction to the above, Mr Garba noted that the Southeast may be headed towards Bokoharmization if appropriate measures are not taken.

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“IPOB has now become a complete Boko Haram; No more schools”

“I told you earlier that we are on the state of Bokoharmization of the Southeastern Nigeria. May God save the innocent”. He remarked.

Similarly Mr Garba opined that if there should be a need for the devolution of power, that it should be done as States or nationalities under the Nigerian Federation. By extension, Groups like the IPOB would have elected but Nigerian approved leaders.

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In a related development, The Presidential Aide also prayed that God may protect the country from fake leaders who pose as heroes to their people.

He stated,

“May God prevent Nigerians from fake heroes, who would either abscond from war front and mortgage his people to death and starvation from the war he had created”.

“May God also protect the people from those who operate an online virtual platform to deceive people and destroy their public assets”. He continued

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