Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Will Return To Nigeria To Mobilise Support For The Creation Of Biafra

Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), will return to Nigeria to mobilise support for the creation of Biafra, according to Emma Powerful, IPOB spokesman.
Powerful told Akelicious on Saturday that Kanu will visit Nigeria as part of his
current tour of some countries where he is preaching the group’s secessionist cause.
The IPOB leader, who is being prosecuted before a federal high court in Abuja for alleged treason, has been out of the country since September, 2017.
A crackdown on the group — which has since been banned and declared a terrorist organisation — forced him to go into hiding only to resurface in Jerusalem after one year.
His failure to show up in court after being granted bail forced the court to revoke the bail and issue a bench warrant against him.
While Kanu had been silent on his return to Nigeria, he has been reportedly holding town-hall meetings with his followers in various countries including US and Canada over IPOB’s demand for a Biafran state.
Powerful told Akelicious on Monday that Kanu will visit Nigeria in the course of the tour, but was silent on when such visit would hold.
“I will not disclose it (when) now until he makes it official for us to tell people,” the IPOB spokesman told Akelicious over the phone.
“At the appropriate time we (will) communicate (to) you people. Government of Nigeria can do whatever they like. Biafra will come and nobody can stop Biafra.”
Meanwhile, in a statement issued during the weekend, Powerful said the group is “currently engaged in deep and fruitful consultations with local and international stakeholders, power brokers and influencers through our diplomatic outreach
which for obvious reasons has been kept out of public discuss.”
“One thing is certain, this IPOB led agitation for Biafra independence will not repeat the mistakes of the past,” he said in the statement.
“As the gospel and restoration of Biafra is receiving wonderful and unprecedented
acceptance across the globe, our leader will continue to educate, enlighten and
fire-up our people and lovers of freedom all over the world for the inevitable collapse of the British

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