NG Eagle; AMCON’s Magic Wand For Robust Airline Business In Nigeria.



Without rhetorics, AMCON is operationally ready to roll out Nigeria Eagle as another robust airline from the defunct Arik air, to make strides beyond the activities of Arik that the corporation had taken over as receiver manager over the years, with it’s exposure with a view to recovering not only from the debt profile,but return it to profitability.

With the launching of three aircrafts,it appeared the journey impossible for the Aviation Ministry to set up Air Nigeria in the last six years,is already overtaken by events of the debut of NG Eagle within two years.

The ball is now in the court of Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority NCAA,the sole regulator that has the primacy of granting of Air Operator Certificate AOC based on safety and durability of the new airline, devoid of any interferences.

It is expected that after due diligence, NCAA will not hesitate in the issuance of AOC to the new brand NG Eagle to open up the aviation sector, through a healthy competitive and improved services.

There is no doubt in the ability of AMCON to run a full fledged airline having successfully managed the distressed Arik air through payment of it’s debt to the tune of 12 Billion, with the readiness to also net the balance of N235 Billion in the course of time.

As a reliable, efficient and effective recovery agent of government that had recovered over N1 Trillion from both the private and public sectors amidst legal conundrum,there is no doubt with the new amedment to it’s act recently signed into law by the government,it will be a done deal when allowed to float NG Eagle, that will return the giant airline to profitability and customer base that transcends the 60% of the defunct Arik air.

Apart from fully deregulated aviation sector, AMCON entrance into the aviation industry will further anchor a business like environment, having known the nitty gritty in the running of airline business in the country.

Recovering and divesting the outstanding by Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria AMCON after it’s launch ,will be seamless,having attained a new status to outrightly recover,sell and take over assets f the outstanding debtors/debts owed Banks to the tune of N4 Trillions in Nigeria, which also included the outstanding of defunct Arik airline.

Staffers of defunct Arik air will be better placed not to be thrown into the unemployment market, amidst COVID-19 in first,second,third wave that had metamorphosed to Delta variant and Omicron as a global health threat,with Nigeria not in exception.

This is also in addition to the volatile economic situation,with 33% unemployment rates as a result of COVID and recession,to avoid upward job losses put at 30 Million and poverty level rate put at 9 Million with a threat to about 3 Million Nigerians across board.

The current strides of AMCON already had the endorsement of the lawmakers that was earlier misinformed of the laudable plan,and not a wild goose chase to counter any other good intentions.

The practical and not theoretical moves by the corporation was not geared towards annexation of any other moves by the Ministry to establish Air Nigeria,provided it will create an enabling environment for growth and development of aviation industry in Nigeria.

AMCON’s initiatives and decisions to join the aviation industry is devoid of any form bureaucracy,red tapism and adminstrative bottlenecks,but purely a wholly business template geared towards stabilising the aviation sector as a profit oriented outfit,as applicable world over.

Therefore,the need for collective efforts and cooperation with the corporation not only from the stakeholders,but regulators, so as to guarantee Air safety buisness, and a thriving aviation sector in Nigeria.

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