Nigerians Stop Blaming Buhari Because There Is No Money In The Country, says Obaseki


Nigeria is one of the country that is in the state of economic crisis, with no money at all because in March last year billions were printed and distributed, according to the governor. The monthly allocation to governors was not enough until the federal government printed 50 to 60 billion shillings in new funds, the Edo State governor said on Thursday.

He added that, “This April, we will return to Abuja to distribute the funds.”

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He said By the end of the year, our debt will be between N15-N16 trillion. ” 

He also said, “It simply came to our notice then since when the president Buhari he’s on his tenure, he has promised to complete many achievement, but Because of the situation Nigeria is he can’t archive some goal he planned to do for the country.”

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