On Atiku’s Character And Caprices

In the aftermath of the prosponed election: have we for once thought that even if the person in power is not Buhari & even if he that has performed credibly well that Atiku would still want to contest for president.

Hence, Atiku contesting for presidency is not about Buhari’s failing; but about his burning desire to become president. Thus, one can’t be wrong to assert that Atiku is a serial presidential contender, born political manipulator & serial ursuper. Thus, we must not loose sight of the fact that whether Buhari performance well or not, Atiku’s lifelong ambition is to be president.

Was Atiku not one of those who sponsored Buhari’s election? Is it not a shame that at his age he cannot vouch for the character & competence of the man he helped elect. Also, was Atiku’s support for Buhari in 2015 in the best interest of Nigerians; or did he do so as an unrepentant usurper–one whose ever abiding desire is to wrestling power from those he helped elect.

Atiku’s path to power is a checkered history of chancery & political expediency. In supporting Buhari’s quest for presidency it was assumed Atiku had finally hung his glove. Thus, did he come out of retirement based on his believe that Buhari has not done enough; or was it his best laid plan to support Buhari for president in 2015 & later wrestle power from him later.

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There is a pattern to Atiku’s quest for power. His modus operandi is: support someone today & try as  much as possible to unseat him from power. He did it to Obasanjo; & he is now doing it to Buhari.

Unlike other politicians Atiku’s motives are hardly clear. In 2008 when Obama was contesting for president Hillary Clinton was his closest rival. Immediately, he won Clinton served him in various capacities including becoming his Secretary of State. She only contested again when Obama served out his 2-tenures. In so doing Clinton showed character. Whereas, in Atiku fighting the man he helped elect he has demostrated lack of character.

If after supporting Buhari, Atiku turns around to accuse him of been a failure, then invariably Atiku is equally a failure. It also shows Atiku lacks sound character judgement–a necessary quality for choosing leaders.
Ideally a president works with hundreds of people & most of such people he will appoint by sound judgement of character. So, if Atiku by his own submission says Buhari is a failure, then he has invariably submitted he is a poor judge of character.

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Atiku seems forever blinded by expediency & gains of the moment that he forsakes doing what is right. This manifestly is a character flaw. Unscroupllous political dealings & self-interest over principle has been Atiku’s forte as a politician. As recently as 12-years ago Atiku has largely been blamed for the botched privatization process. Also, Intels a company Atiku helped found has been indicted severally for tax evasion. Atiku can’t  completely exonerate himself from blame. He also  doesn’t need to be convicted to be liable.

Atiku was in APC as recently as six months ago. It is an unpardonable sin for him after 4-years of helping Buhari to clinch power to now query his performance. Truth remains Atiku is as liable as the man he helped elect. If Atiku says Buhari has failed he too has failed.
When Atiku gunned for PDP presidential ticket, Wike was right in not supporting him because he saw him as an unprincipled politician. At his age, if Atiku keeps jumping from party to party how can anyone trust him.

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The way it is going it is obvious Atiku & his cohorts are fond of taking Igbo’s for a ride. When Igbo’s wanted Jonathan, Atiku & Co. rejected him. Now that Atiku wants to be president he has befriended Igbo’s & in his wisdom made an Igbo man his running mate. This is a calculated move borne more out of ruthlessness than any form of love. Regardless, of the VP slot offered them, Ndi-Igbo must remain weary of Atiku’s antics.

It is a known fact that against the wishes of the likes of Wike & other long suffering PDP members, Atiku bought PDP presidential ticket for an obsene amount of money. Ndi-Igbo & the rest of Nigerians can’t be puns in the high-stake politics Atiku is fond of playing.

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