On Regina Daniel By Irene Chioma


Nigerians have very high moral standards. However, that is largely when it involves someone else and not them as an individual.

Certainly, even ladies who consistently grace the bed of men old enough to be their fathers must have joined in criticising an adult for choosing to get married to an older man, legally.

Money and love have proven to have a strong connection. If a lady chooses to date a poor man, she may be doing so with the belief that she can build a comfortable future with the man. No one really wishes to associate with poverty.

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Regina has found a man who is willing to share his already built comfort with her. She must have shown some value for the man to honour her with his name and not keep her on the sideline like many of the ‘small girls with big gods’ on social media and out of it.

Just as the lady who has faith in a man who has nothing but vision has a price to pay in standing by the man till his vision materialises to wealth, so do Regina and her likes who walks into an already made ‘old’ man have their own price to pay.

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Ned Nwoko, Regina’s ‘husband’ is not just a rich man, but an established man and a Senator-elect whose success is definitive, so I’m certain that he understands the import of this particular decision of his.

I don’t know what Regina saw in him, but I’m near certain that Mr. Ned whose profile I’ve gone through falls in the category of men who will not bring in someone they do not find valuable to share in their hard earned wealth and name – especially when they have the wherewithal to keep such individuals on the sideline while still having ‘good time’ with them

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Let the dead bury the dead.

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