One Male Child Is more Important Than 10 Daughters

A Nigerian man identified as Eze Chinyere Ugo has said that 1 male child is worth more than 10 daughter.

Replying to a post which Barack Obama, Kobe Bryant, and Mark Zuckerberg were used as examples of men who are not obsessed with having sons to continue their legacy because they do not need an offspring to do that for them. The poster went on to advice men to stop putting pressure on their wives to birth male children because female children are equally important.

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See Eze Chinyere Ugo reaction

“Male child is male child. If God blesses you with one or more, be happy…but if not, continue praying. One male child is worth more than ten daughters.Without a male child, your generation will go into extinction immediately you pass on.
“Even this poster will not be comfortable without a male child”

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