RE: Father Mbaka Is Everything Apart From What He Claims To Be

By: Dr. Anthony ozeghele (Esq)

It is has become imperative to clear the air on the gibberish scribbled by Garba Shehu afterthought on the person of Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka for the benefit of those who could be misled on the course of ascertainning the facts on why Father Mbaka wants a just, egalitarian, safe and prosperous society from the government led by President Muhammadu Buhari. Those who scribbled this story after Reverend Father Mbaka demanded President Buhari to resign would have fielded the evidences if there is any.

Reverend Father Mbaka is a priest of Catholic church of course has no family by which he fends for thereby is not looking for any material things from the government for himself.

It is worthy to note that Rev Father Mbaka is not a contractor and has no business with federal government contracts rather he always wish all Nigerians to have equal access to the things being provided by the government.

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Father Ejike Mbaka has only pursued the cause of Nigerians who are less privilege on the following issues as it relates with the government:

  1. The contractors Garba Shehu said were in company of Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka at Aso Rock Villa are Nigerians who he deemed fit would assist the government to do good works. Unfortunately and too sad for our hearing, this clueless government could not yeild to it for the benefit of the Nigerian poor people.
  2. The 1 billion naira agricultural loan talked about by thus shameless Garba of a person is from Zenith bank which Reverend Father Mbaka is still servicing with collateral of which the beneficiaries are poor Nigerians. How are these favours, bribe or gifts to Fr Mbaka?
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Garba Shehu and his principal should be ashamed of themselves for the thought that as being peddled that Fr Mbaka is everything apart from what he claims to be after the Reverend asked the president of Nigeria to resign or take up his responsibilities of providing security and welfare to Nigerians when the country is near to anarchy as President Buhari is wobbling and fumbling.

If the scribes and pharisees can bribe the soldiers to claim that the disciples carried our Lord Jesus when they were sleeping, then, there is nothing politicians cannot cook up. Anybody that turned against Buhari now cannot be reasonably accused to have done that out of selfishness – seeing the situation of the country. I sincerely appreciate our brother, Fr Mbaka’s courage for knowing the need of time and doing the needful. Life is dynamic! Only Change is Constant. Wisdom is the Key

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Garba Shehu and co should extol Fr Ejike Mbaka for being a true man of God as he still standing on the truth. President Muhammadu Buhari should leave Fr Mbaka and concentrate on securing the lives of Nigerians or get out for a capable hand to take over. This is our stand too..

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